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City Mouse Goes Country – Friday Fictioneers

What day is it?  Wednesday!

What does that mean? Friday Fictioneers!

What? Yeah, well… yanno, sometimes there’s no explaining things.  This week our lovely leader Rochelle has chosen a picture by Todd Foltz.  You want to play? Click on the frog below and add your 100-word max story link.

©Todd Foltz

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City Mouse Goes Country

Betsy loved spending the summers at her grandparents.  She got to live a completely different life than the one she had in the city.  A life that was simple and felt more real.  She particularly enjoyed the chores Nana made her do.  Waking up with the sun, collecting eggs from the chickens was one of her favourites.  Who knew chickens could be so affectionate?

“Hullo Susie.  Hey there Gertrude.  You ladies have something for me this morning?” she asked as she scratched them under their chins.  They clucked their responses rubbed against her arm.

She wished she could live here forever.


195 thoughts on “City Mouse Goes Country – Friday Fictioneers

  1. What a delightful story and great use of the prompt.

    Never had chickens.
    Nor lived on a farm nor had family on a farm to visit.
    In my twenties, I was transferred to Edmonton and decided to live out in the country. I rented an apartment in a geodesic dome that was attached to a farmer’s barn. One day, I drove into my drive and there were a bunch of cows in my path. I was terrified! I snuck out of my car, climbed through the fence to get to my door and called the farmer to come and get his cows. “Just shoo them away,” he said. “shoo them?” I asked. “Yeah. They’re pretty stupid.” Ain’t happening I replied. They may be stupid but they’re really big.
    Definitely not a farm girl. 🙂

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    • Buahaha! YOU were the chicken 😉
      My cousin had three of them in his backyard and was surprised at just how affectionate they are.
      Glad you enjoyed my little story – fiction for once!


  2. I was chased by a chicken once for what seemed, and still does, like miles and miles. They don’t like me.

    Grandparents! Spent summers at grandparents’ houses. It was extra special because the only thing separating this grandmother’s house from the other grandmother’s house was a 3-foot high brick wall. Back then I have to climb it. I still dream of those days. The memory came back this morning actually. Being in a grandmother’s house is the closest thing to being a chick in a nest under momma hen.

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  3. Q

    I didn’t realize chickens were so affectionate. Makes me almost wish I was a vegan . . almost.

    And I dig the way you went all Town and Country with this one. Because there is something magical about visiting a place that is wholly different from the one you call home, when you’re young. The countryside must feel a million miles long to Betsy, and her ‘friends’ provide her a unique comfort she couldn’t find anywhere else.

    Well spun tale!


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  4. Dear Dale,

    We had chickens for a year. From Easter to Easter. That’s another story. At any rate, Shannon who was seven at the time loved coming home and gathering the eggs after school. I never had to use my garbage disposal either.
    I love this story. It made think of the times we spent at Jan’s uncle’s farm. We could turn the kids loose and never have to worry about them.
    Again, sweet story that leaves your readers smiling. 😀

    Shalom and lotsa uncomplicated hugs,


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    • Dear Rochelle,

      I know I responded to this one! Where the eff did it go? Maybe it’s one of those where I started, was called away and then accidentally flushed it. My bad!
      How cool to have had that experience with the younguns! And saving your scraps is a bonus.
      So very glad you enjoyed this and yeah, isn’t it great to let the kids go and know they are safe?
      Thank you, thank you!

      Shalom and lotsa egg-citing love,



  5. Ah, this was my sister’s chore! And she sometimes found a nest she didn’t tell us about, and didn’t collect the eggs from, till one day there’d be a proud mama hen in the backyard with a swirl of chicks around her, chirping all the way. 🙂
    I hope Betsy finds her way back to the country as a grown-up, with her own chickens to greet in the morning.
    I liked this a lot! 🙂

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  6. Y’all seem to have had regular roosters. I’ve never had any, but there’s one somewhere on the other side of our hills that is very confused. He crows at dawn…and at brunch…and for lunch…and tea…and dinner…and high tea…and supper…and apparently just to say goodnight. Or is he just that good with the ladies?

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    • Hahaha! That is too funny.
      I would assume he is just a well known guy about town! I have no experience whatsoever with chickens, to be honest.


  7. Am all country mice myself. And with that comes certain knowledge. For instance I know which end of the chicken the egg comes from. OMG! By that, affection maybe profound relief. Oh an Big Macs and McChickens…..never mind.

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  8. My friend has 10 rescued battery hens. They were in a terrible state when she got them, scrawny, skinny and with few feathers. A couple of months later they looked magnificent and now they are really enjoying their new-found freedom.

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  9. My mom grew up on a farm. When I was a kid I got to spend a week at the farm with my grandma, and I did some of those chores too. When I was REALLY young, like 5 years old, I was sent out to the chicken house to get the eggs and I found two. I was walking back to the house, carrying one egg in each hand when the farm dog, who was HUGE as I remember him, came running up and he scared me and I squeezed the eggs in my hands in fear and they broke and got all over my coat. I remember crying over that. But mostly I loved being at the farm.

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  11. My aunt who lived in a very small town in Alabama had a chicken coop in her backyard. She collected the eggs every morning for our breakfast, And I got to go next door to get butter from her neighbor’s cow. Wonderful memories.

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    • Oh how lucky you were!
      I remember going to my grandmother’s and we’d get the milk with the thick cream topping from my great-aunt. Berries with that cream was divine!

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  12. Such a sweet story…chickens really are a delight to own and care for…We were City Chicken Farmers with 28 hens until Bird Flu swooped in and then I freaked out and returned them all to the Feed Store. My loss. Loved your story and the memories.

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    • Awww, thank you.
      I have a few friends who have chickens in their back yard. My sister was contemplating it but they can be rather messy…
      I dunno. Must be nice to have fresh eggs every day!


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  14. Such a lovely fragment of childlike memory! Chickens are innocents, scratching away in the dirt and producing such an amazing nutrient rich delicacy! Children are innocents, scratching away in the dirt, and making friends with ease 🙂

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