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The Message – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #85

A tad late – okay, more than a tad – but Crispina is not a stickler for these things. She’s so generous, the prompts stay up forever so, should the mood strike whenever then we can still play.  I couldn’t find a matchy-matchy but when I started looking I thought, I dunno… maybe this can work. And so, here is an itty-bitty poem in pictures and words that I wanted to share yesterday but didn’t.  Here it is today!


The Message


Follow the path, she said.  It will be easy to find

Keep on looking at the fences made of wood

With something special used to bind

He searched and he searched, as best as he could

Suddenly there it was, in pink entwined

And he knew, it true; with him, she stood


Voilà… short and sweet at 52 words 😉



64 thoughts on “The Message – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #85

  1. Beautifully written.
    And beautiful fences with plenty of character.
    I bet you were on a farm or at lest in the country for these. Farms have so many interesting photo opportunities.

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