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Fountain of Youth? – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #87

I was going to go a whole ‘nother route. Even had a kinda/sorta matchy-matchy but then this popped into my head so I felt it best to just run with it.  Thanks to Crispina for hosting this fun party weekly.

Fountain of Youth?

I think we found it!

Found what?

The Fountain of Youth!

Seriously?  Looks more like a wishing well to me.

Ye, of little faith.

Don’t you find it a tad small to be anything of that sort?

Maybe that’s why it’s been so hard to find. People must have been looking for something way more grandiose.

Maybe it’s been hard to find because it only exists in myths! Besides, it’s not even deep enough to go to your knees!

Who says we have to go IN it?  Maybe all we have to do is drink from it.

You may have a point.

Hah! You willing to agree this might be it?

Ummmm… sure.  So, go ahead. Give it a taste.

You go first.

Your Fountain, YOU go first!

Fine. The water looks clear enough.

Yeah, you can see all the coins people have thrown in, thinking it’s a wishing well.



84 thoughts on “Fountain of Youth? – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #87

  1. Q

    Whoa Nelly! I think I’d have to confirm the identity of said well before I’d go swimming or swigging its contents. And then I think to myself, would it be worth the risk of perhaps getting Hep C? And I say nah, I don’t want to be younger chronologically.

    Sorry for the ramble, but this clever, cheeky (yes . . you, imagine that) take on the challenge has me thinking on time travel and the fountain of youth. And no, I don’t mean the Oil of Olay fountain of youth treatment a person can bill to their CC. But the real deal, without the coins . . .


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  2. Makes me wonder if there ever was a fountain of youth I can upon if I’d even go in. I think I’d have a lot of questions first, which would probably disqualify me after a few minutes..:)

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