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Weekend Writing Prompt #165 – Cavalier

A word prompt to get your creativity flowing this weekend. How you use the prompt is up to you. Write a piece of flash fiction, a poem, a chapter for your novel…anything you like. Or take the challenge below – there are no prizes – it’s not a competition but rather a fun writing exercise. If you want to share what you come up with, please leave a link to it in the comments.

Always a thank you to Sammi for hosting this weekly shindig!



How DO you pronounce this word?

It depends on your level of cultural know-how.


Okay, and your mother tongue.

An anglophone, such as you, will pronounce it KA-VA-LEER.  I can’t help but think of a cad, someone disdainful.

However, if you are a francophone, comme moi, you pronounce it KA-VA-LI-YAY. Way more debonair, n’est-ce pas? Brings to mind a gallant knight, a gentleman.


OK. Random photo. Only thing I had remotely knight-like was this one made of butter!


72 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Prompt #165 – Cavalier

  1. I hadn’t even considered a different way of saying it – I mainly associate it with British history and the roundheads and cavaliers – the cavaliers were the debonair ones I think, the royals, even though we pronounce it the other way!

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    • So funny as it derives from Latin. And in French, all jokes aside, it just means someone who rides a horse or is in the cavalry 😉 Or the knight piece in chess.
      It has more to say (meanings) in the English version! But of course, my MC is being a bit of a snob. 😉

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    • Hahaha! You know what, George? It’s more used in English than in French and has way more nuance in English, as well… You’re safe if you use cavalier (LEER) 😉

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  2. Q

    I love the word cavalier. And that’s in spite of the fact the Cleveland basketball team bastardizes its good name every single season since LeBron James skipped town for La La Land.

    It reminds me of Alexandre Dumas and swashbuckling tales of heroism and romance . . . and of course this usually devolves into thoughts of the candy (chocolate) bar . . and then dark chocolate, and then all bets are off as I make a candy run at ten o’clock at night. Which is the opposite of cavalier . . .


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    • B,

      It is a great word. And my silly exchange aside, there are more uses for it in the English dictionary than in the French. As for the basketball team… I can’t help you there.

      Ah well… now I’m craving a chocolate (candy) bar by a certain name! Though ya know, I caved yesterday and had a chocolate bar… bloody hell, when you are used to dark chocolate in it’s simplest form, all of these other bars are so bloody sweet. I regretted my decision – and it was a Coffee Crisp – which you don’t know as it’s Canadian and by its name implies it would not be that sweet but oy…



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      • I love the word, and how you fleshed it out for us. Still not in love with Cleveland though, but hey, two outta three.

        A bar . . . no, I can’t say that or Imma want a bourbon. I love a Hershey’s or Dove dark chocolate every now and again. Never keep them around so as not to have the craving overwhelm me. And no, I don’t make late night runs for candy. Beer . . . that’s another story.

        I like the old school candies. even though I have to admit I do like a Reese’s Take Five once in a while. But only the fun size, or it becomes too much.


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        • So glad you enjoyed what I did. As for Cleveland… It (sorry) is what it is!

          Wait till Friday 😉 there are a few brands of dark chocolate I love – especially the one with a hit of chili by Lindt… Mmmm. And yeah, no keeping that stuff in the cupboard!

          There are some old school candies that I dig. In tiny portions.

          You are!

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          • Oh God no . . you didn’t just do that. Because yanno . . at the end of the day . . .

            Lindt, yes that’s another one I enjoy. Dark chocolate only though. I used to keep the minis around, plus a couple different bars in the fridge and freezer, but then I gave it up for Lent and after that, I never had the craving the same way again.

            Tiny being the operative word.

            YOU are.

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          • LMAO! I was POSITIVE you were gonna pay back with that one.

            Oh yeah. Only the dark. Still trying to picture you giving something up for Lent. That said, when you stop eating something, you do lose the taste for it. Especially when it comes to sweets, I find. I can’t drink sodas of any kind except club as it is not sweet.

            Yes. Tiny.

            WE are!

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          • Of course I was . .

            I know right? It was a one time deal, seriously. But hey, it served its purpose because eleven years later? I still do not have that same sweet tooth any longer.

            I like a Coke once in a while and that can actually serve as my desert even.



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          • Of course!

            One time was a good thing. Because we know that sugar is more addictive than heroin (they say – I don’t plan to ever find out) so it’s definitely a good thing.

            I only like those little bottles of Coke and I have one per year. Maybe.


            Chagga lagga.

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