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Clouds of Bounty

dVerse is back after a two-week break.  This week’s Quadrille is hosted by Kim who asked us to use the word “Blue” in any way we desired.  Soooo many possibilities. I was stuck, so I was inspired to ask The Oracle for a hand and with a few key words, she helped me get unstuck.


Not a breeze rustles through the trees

and dusk brings no sanctuary from the heat


As the humidity rises,

air’s weight becomes unbearable


Blue skies, enhanced by a blanket of clouds

would do Monet proud


Promising relief, but only if

they spill their bounty




130 thoughts on “Clouds of Bounty

  1. Q

    Beautifully written, and true to life as per the weather in most places right about now. When clouds are a bounty, this is called a good day. And perhaps even one where running might actually make some sense. 😉 If the participant is feeling good, that is. Go with the bounty I say!


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    • B,

      Thank you, lovely. I fear this weather has definitely been happening all over – but there is no such thing as global warming. Yes, The clouds should be a bounty. They hovered forever, it seams until finally letting out their bounty! Nice to feel some coolness(ish) after the past week of hellish heat.


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      • Today wasn’t horrible. I went for a short run and it was a good one too. Tomorrow I go longer so I hope it stays the same weather wise. Rain would be ideal, but none forecast.

        Clouds are an oasis when the temps go haywire. And a nice breeze? That’s called bonus round.

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        • Sweet. Tonight Zeke gets a walk because it will be cool enough for him (first time in days). It’s supposed to be a smidge cooler tomorrow so I might test my foot – besides have a massage lined up for noon. Rain is supposed to come tonight but… I dunno.

          Clouds are nice, a breeze? Manna!

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          • Good for the man!

            You need to test it, especially with an appointment on the docket.

            Clouds and a breeze, nice. I don’t mean a wind that punches you in the face while you run though. Not that . . .

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          • Now, I’m not so certain. We just finished eating outside and suddenly the air got ready heavy and the “rain song” is being chirped.

            I will definitely do so.

            Oh hell naw. There ain’t no pleasure in that type of wind!

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          • Yeah. Dang.

            I will!

            I have to tell you, as a rather recent and short-lived-but-who-knows-what-the-future-holds runner? I did not love running in that either.


  2. Really like your verse. I’ve heard about the heat wave in the East.

    I confess. We’re hogging the rain this summer. We are enjoying (some may argue) about the coolest summer I’ve ever seen in SK and have had ample rainfall in the past month. Our turn will come, but for right now, it’s quite pleasant. 🙂

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    • Thank you, Christine. Yeah. It’s been hell. Plus I work in a hot canteen on a golf course.

      You are, are you? For shame! Seriously, enjoy it. Today is rather pleasant. We got some rain so it’s relieved us somewhat.

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  3. I love the photo. Wonderful eight lines about heat, clouds and their bounty. The clouds have be rolling over and spitting on us through the accompanying wind and dust, just enough to dirty up the cars.

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    • Thank you, Timothy. I find myself leaning out of my canteen all the time, trying to capture them at their best. This one I came out and to the side.
      Please you enjoyed my right lines! And Ugh. That’s the worse. A spit and a woosh to fill those drops with dirt.

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  4. Lovely poem, the rain should be nice depending on the mood of that cloud
    Thanks for dropping by to read mine Dale


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    • Thank you, Gillena (such a pretty name). I would take a violent thunderstorm! Of course, I happen to like them. Or even, one of those rains that happens when you see the heat shimmering off the asphalt and big drops fall with almost a sizzle? Love.
      My pleasure to read yours and I am grateful you have read mine!

      Right back at you!


    • Funny you should say that, Trent. I keep thinking I wish I could, too. And I keep trying. I can’t even tell you why I feel compelled to keep at it! Every time I put one out there, I think it sucks. And then I get a great comment like yours and think… well, hell. I really don’t know shit!
      So, Thank you. I love that you say I have a way with words when I was thinking, man, this guy has a great way with the written phrase!

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  5. Thank goodness for The Oracle, Dale, and for your delightful quadrille! I love the way you set the scene with the opening lines and evoke the heat and humidity with ‘air’s weight becomes unbearable’ – you had me gasping for the clouds to ‘spill their bounty’.

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  6. This is excellent, Dale. I’m pleased you visited the Oracle. I really like the opening lines. I could feel the weight of that humidity. Great photo, too. As Jane said, the clouds do make the sky more interesting.

    It’s been like that here–except we did get the rain, too. I just read that last week we received 25% of our normal yearly total. We’re finally getting a couple lower humidity days before we’re back to the sticky stuff.

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  7. I read your lovely poem. Then I read 104 comments. Then I went back looked at the photo again and read the piece a second time. You nailed it. The two together work perfectly. Well done, yet again, m’lady. Keep writing, Dale.

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    • 104 comments? Are you serious? Oh… there was a lot of back and forth, with a few, though, wasn’t there?
      I truly appreciate your going through the lot but more importantly, going back to my poem and rereading it. I am beyond touched. And I thank you for your kind words. I swear… every time I think “what am I doing?” I get someone fabulous like you tell me, that whatever it is, it’s okay! I shall, Bill, I shall.

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          • Why? They are friends from my writer’s group. Not poets, per se, mostly fiction folks. In fact, a few stated writing poems after meeting me. The pieces were longish and alliteration on steroids. Not everyone likes everything. I was seeking honest feedback and I got it. 🙂
            I’m facilitating the group via zoom this Saturday, so my preparations for that have added to my work this week. But, I love it.

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          • Oh, that’s a whole ‘nother kettle of fish. That is rather cool, then.
            I have only recently started writing poetry – have no blessed idea what I’m doing but I keep trying. Another blogger inspires me to try different styles, to boot. Why do I do it? I have no idea!
            Wonderful. If you love it, all the better, I say.

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          • Is there such a thing as too much poetry? I think not. I am trying to write more fiction – most of my FF or CCC or WWP stories are based on real stuff. Gots to work me imagination, I says!

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          • I understand. I write autobiographical stuff (non-fiction) mostly and I have to force the fiction. It is more better for imagination, but I love to read “autobiographical fiction.”

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