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Some Assembly Required – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #88

Good afternoon.  It’s Friday!  And for most people, that means the end of the workweek… for me? It means it’s Sunday.  Does it matter?  No, because come Monday, it’s my Saturday… confused?  So am I.  So let’s just skip this nonsense and get to Crispina’s lovely challenge number 88, shall we?


Some Assembly Required

Got all the pieces?

Yep. Here they are all lined up.


They don’t seem to make much sense.  Where’s the instruction sheet?

I don’t have it.

What do you mean you don’t have it? Didn’t it come inside the box?

Ummm. Yeah.


I chucked it.

What the hell would you do that for?

Instructions are for pussies!  Plus, it was in Chinese!

You’re telling me they didn’t have an English version? C’mon man…

Well, they did, but the translation was so bad, I figured it would be best if we just tried to figure it out ourselves.

Oh, for heaven’s sake.  Lemme see the box cover, so we can have an idea.

I can’t for the life of me see how those pieces will make this.

I can’t either. I think we got screwed.

Big time.


100 thoughts on “Some Assembly Required – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #88

    • Dear Rochelle,

      I’ve not doubt it does 😉 And it was a “problem” in my house but only because “who needs instructions?”. So glad I made you laugh. Was my goal!

      Shalom and lotsa love without instructions,


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  1. Funny, Dale! Pretty cool if you made those sculptures. 😏
    I had a pasta maker once that had instructions only in Italian. We both looked–no English instructions at all. I did my best. . .

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  2. LOL! Are you sure you aren’t missing a couple of parts? 😉 This is so true to life, this is! I think I still have a few of the instruction pages, in Chinese, useless as they’d been then, and are still now … 😉

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  3. I read and use instructions. Got something in the mail the other day without instructions in any language. Googled it to no avail. Had to use my average mechanical aptitude to figure it out. Ever hear of the TLAR method? That Looks About Right. Good one Dale. 🙂

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  4. Very funny + very true to life. With maps, too. “Oh, guess that was the turn-off. Oh well, there’ll be another one sooner or later. We’ll get there. Not going to bother to stop and ask. We’re not lost. Just relax, okay. We’ll get there.” 🙂

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    • Glad you thought so.
      My husband did not do instructions BUT he hated being lost and stopped twenty times if necessary when lost 😉


  5. I find most things don’t even come with instructions anymore. It’s like the manufacturers realized they didn’t know how to write comprehensible ones so they just gave up. I love how you came up with an image of the “ finished product.”😁

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  6. I love this story because it’s not fiction to me. I did the same thing. Instructions in Chinese, translation extremely poor. Looked at the pictures to figure it out. Good job.

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  7. Q

    Instruction manuals are oftentimes useless, I agree with that much. But to throw it out is insanity. Hold onto it, if only so you can blame the fucking thing for screwing things up in the end!


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  8. A ha ha haaaaa… good one! Well, you can always make a great piece of art! 😉 …most likely an abstract one!
    ps I’ve always been one not reading manuals. Never have so far! And thankfully also never had to hear the reply from a technician: RTFM [Read The F Manual] 😉

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