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Weekend Writing Prompt #166 – Hinterland

A word prompt to get your creativity flowing this weekend. How you use the prompt is up to you. Write a piece of flash fiction, a poem, a chapter for your novel…anything you like. Or take the challenge below – there are no prizes – it’s not a competition but rather a fun writing exercise. If you want to share what you come up with, please leave a link to it in the comments. Thank you, Sammi for hosting this prompt.

I’m booked for my next adventure.

Again? Don’t you ever stay home?

Course I do. While I’m at school!

Hah! You do seem to leave at every chance you get.

What can I say? Now is the time to do this. Who knows what life will bring me once I’m a working stiff.

That’s true. Take advantage of your youth and freedom. I sure wish I had when I was your age. To go deep into a country’s hinterland. Sigh.

Yanno, nothing’s holding you back now.

116 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Prompt #166 – Hinterland

  1. You’re right, Dale. Good job! Younger daughter planned a trip to Europe this summer–the honeymoon they didn’t have–and of course, she had to cancel it all. But I’m just happy they’re both safe and well.

    I like the word “hinterland.” I think I first heard it in 7th grade geography class. 😏

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  2. Now is as good as time as any. That’s a really nice photo. I’m sure thankful we took a four-year sabbatical when we did to live in Spain. People were saying wait until you retire, blah! Blah! Blah! I almost didn’t live to see this day and age, who knows if I will ever retire. I have no regrets taking the chance to head for the foreign hinterlands way back when.

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  3. Dear Dale,

    The younger person makes a good point. We’re hoping to make it to New Zealand in 2021 for our grand 50th. Love the dialogue. Hope they both realize their travel dreams.

    Shalom and lotsa hugs with boarding passes,


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  4. I suppose I did a fair amount of traveling while growing up, but always wished I’d done more after high school and before college. Traveling the hinterlands broadens minds and brings different cultures closer. Nice photo, too, Dale.

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    • Thank you, Eilene. I watch my niece (who inspired this one) and think, man.. she is doing it right! I thought I was starting a roll with Tuscany in 2016, then things happened… Burgundy was supposed to be in April 2021, but now I don’t know.
      The photo is atop Mount Washington. Funny because I waffled between this one and one from Tuscany
      Glad you like it.

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  5. Hi Dale, I meant to comment on the post last night but , hangs head in shame, I fell asleep! ….yes indeed spread your wings while you are young… I didn’t, married young 💜💜

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  6. Good story. Hinterland also refers to the unseen land beyond the coasts or rivers. I have been fortunate to visit many “Hinterlands” in my 28 years in the Navy and Jaunting around the globe.

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  7. Good one, Dale,
    Great, and realistic dialogue. Well done.
    Seems like many of us know of cancelled travel plans.
    I much prefer the word boonies (or boondocks) to hinterland. They feel more casual
    I enjoyed my years of working (too much maybe, and the money). I rested being put out to pasture. However, I’ve learned to love being “retired.”
    I will never again be this young and able again. So I, carpe diem, cliché or not.

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    • Thank you, Bill
      Glad you enjoyed. This could be me chatting with my niece, Sabrina. The girl has the travel bug – big time!.
      I love the word boonies 😉
      I have to be honest with you. I’m 56 and completely ready to be retired. I’m not (nor ever was) defined by my job (and why I don’t have a decent pension now as I changed jobs when I got bored – every 2-3 years)
      I am all about the carpe diem. Especially after my husband died. We have no idea how much time we are allotted so I am NOT wasting it!

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      • You’r welcome, Dale.
        I became cautious about that job defining me thing from watching others get depressed and seem lost without it.
        The ‘about me’ section of my blog, in ‘about these things,’ sort of hints at that. I did not know of your loss until today. My condolences.
        I admire your attitude, mental acuity, talent, and humor.

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        • Good for you, Bill. Far too many don’t understand what they are doing to themselves.
          I’m going to go check out your ‘about me’ section.
          Thank you for that and no worries. I’ve had my share. First son, then grandmother, then father, then husband.
          That is a lovely thing to say. Humour helps tremendously 😉

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  8. Q

    As I told Ari, go do ‘yo thing now . . because life is an ever more involved mystery as you age. So she’s going to be looking for teaching gigs in other countries . . whenever this pandemic finally loosens its grip. She’s focusing on the Scandinavian countries at present, but is open to other places if need be. It’s a fascinating opportunity for her, seeing as how they provide a place to live and pay for it. All she needs to concern herself with is transportation and food, etc.


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  9. My oldest grandson has plans to get his own sailboat and go around the world after he graduates from college next year. I don’t think he even imagines that this might not happen.

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  10. Very well put Dale! ⚡️💥 That’s true! If you can walk and breath, the hinterland of anywhere awaits a spirited heart.
    I once spent 6 days hiking through the Andes, and ended up at Machu Picchu. Then I retired from adventures.
    Kidding…Lol, but I am glad I did it when I was young.

    For some reason you made me think of the Canadian Hinterland series, and that loon music. Then that evolved to The Great White North with Bob and Doug McKenzie……. Coo coo coo coo coo coo!
    Think I’ll go sew sequins!

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