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Searching For My Inner Artist – Friday Fictioneers

Good Wednesday afternoon! It’s a gorgeous, not too hot and sticky day here in the Montreal area. So sorry for those of you in the stinkin’ hot States right now. Sending out good vibes that this heat abates soon. Till then, how about a little silly Friday Fictioneer story, hosted by our illustrious leader, who also supplied her own photo, Rochelle. Better yet, how’s about you add your own little 100-word story to go with? Yeah? Click on the frog below and add your link. Easy-peasy!

©Rochelle Wisoff(no-e)-Fields

Come paint with us!

Searching For My Inner Artist

What’s all this?

Searching for my inner artist. Figuring my father must have given me a smidgeon of his artistic genes.

You can’t even draw stickmen, why would you think you can paint?

Dunno. I feel this might be a medium I could play with. More abstract, yanno? Doesn’t have to be so precise and detailed.

That’s the case with all types of paints, by the way. And it’s not as easy as it looks.

I know I am no Rochelle, Monika or Louise, but can’t hurt to try?

Why not stick to photography? It IS an art form, too…

188 thoughts on “Searching For My Inner Artist – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Ah so true. My sister and her daughter inherited my father’s artistic genes, I would have gladly given up my good looks to get them. Also the musical gene that he had and it ran in his family, that one skipped us both.

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  2. I have zero artistic talent. As you said, I can’t draw a stick figure. I won’t be so sexist about it. My grandfather was a self-taught painter. I have some of his paintings on my walls. I inherited the paintings. My cousin inherited the talent.

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  3. My inner artist challenge to you. Paint a poem once a week. Lunch for druids and novel intellects to sink their teeth into. I dare ya.


  4. You gotta play to loosen up and then make good work. Doesn’t matter hat form it takes. That’s what my art teacher used to say. Play, play, play. Then get serious and get down to business. 😀

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