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Would you look at that! This week’s Friday Fictioneers is a repeat and actually one that I participated in back on April 10, 2015. I thought that I would not play but a new thought popped in my head and here I am. Thank you, Miss Vacationer, Rochelle, for hosting this party even while you are playing on the beach. If you are so inspired, click on the frog below and add your own 100-word story!

©Jennifer Pendergast


Sitting on my porch, I watch the freight train pass by at top speed. Time that went so slow as I was living it has now blurred into a speed impossible.

Between each boxcar, a scene from my life flashes, proving a lifetime of memories is but a blip on the whole. Playing tag in the park, necking in the backseat of a car, celebrations of weddings, births and deaths of loved ones; each memory is given the same allotment in time.

More cars are ahead than are behind now, and I realise that it is so, too, for me.

157 thoughts on “Flashes

    • I am, amn’t I?
      Oh wait… there will be more. I’ve been way too much in my head lately. I’ve never spent so many hours alone.


      • Aye. Amen to that sista. For the better. Or. For the worcestershire. I personally; am alone most of the time even when am with people kinda sorta. I like alone when I get it.

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        • Funny thing is, I used to NOT be able to be alone. I’d go nuts in no time. As I got older, had kids and whatnot, I’d search for and cherish those quiet times. Since Mick’s death, I’m amazed at just how long I can sit in silence at my computer, or cooking: no TV, no radio, just the hum of the a/c.
          However, I work in my little casse-croûte three days per week for 12.5 hour days and, other than serving customers, am alone. Feeling a little like overkill.


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