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What Is Real? – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #91

Welcome to Crispina‘s weekly challenge.  An idea formed, then unformed, then reformed… I did my usual search for a matching photo and came up with a couple.  Which to choose? What to write? And well, this is what you get.

“Don’t pretend to be what you’re not, instead, pretend to what you want to be, it is not pretence, it is a journey to self realization.”
Michael Bassey Johnson

I’ve been a “fake it till you make it” kinda gal for most of my life.  It sure gives people the impression I know what I’m doing or that have loads of self-confidence.  I can’t help wonder if I’m like the liar who believes his lies or if, over the years, I have been on this journey to self-realisation as quoted above.

Maybe I’m not really faking it after all.

“…I could never explain how the image and the reality merge, and how they somehow extend and beautify each other.”
― Dodie Smith, I Capture the Castle


90 thoughts on “What Is Real? – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #91

  1. That photo is intriguing. Lovely. It’s all mysterious and delicate. And I like what you’ve written. Yea, I tend to do that too. Sometimes come unstuck cos I can’t really do what I’ve claimed. But it does work. Your grow into the claimed ability. Much better than saying Nah, can’t do. 🙂

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  2. Now you’re on this long-lasting trip to find yourself?! I don’’t think you’d ever be a liar, I just think you have – same as me – an imagination débordante…. sounds so much better, doesn’t it?! Love from Switzie.

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  3. So, Dale, I dunno why it’s always a song with me. For this, it’s “The Great Pretender” sung by The Platters (but the Freddie Mercury rendition is more fun). Great pic(s) and so also the words.

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  4. I really love this Dale. I’ve had to fake once it twice . Basically it’s saying fake self confidence and it has a way of building self confidence. Having a meltdown seldom works, love this challenge and your response ! ❤️🤗

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  5. I love your photo. I think we have to do a lot of faking in life to get where we want to be. Not really lies as much as making it work until you figure it out.

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  6. Interesting idea, Dale. I like what you did with this. I’m reminded that I decided to be an original when I was 50 instead of being want anyone else thought I should be. I’m still on a road of discovery.

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  7. Ah, like everything else, pretending is good in moderation and depending on the motivation … There are those who wish to deceive because they want to TAKE AWAY from others or harm them. That kind of pretending is icky. Then there are the many who pretend because they aren’t certain yet or they want others to accept them, or they want to do better but not sure they ‘qualify’, or they want to be something more than they are at the moment and are working toward it. That’s a kind of pretending that’s constructive. … And then, there is the realm of imagination, where pretending is required.
    You are the real deal, my friend.
    Go on being you, in all the “you” ways you are.
    Your NYNF

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  8. Dear Dale,

    Pilots will tell you attitude of the plane determines its altitude. I’m of the mind this applies to people as well.
    I’ll echo Na’ama. You are most definitely the real deal. You are courageous and a role model for the rest of us.

    Shalom and lotsa genuine hugs,


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    • Dear Rochelle,

      I like that! I’ll have to remember it.
      I might be the real deal but I do have to pretend I know what I’m doing now and again (how else to learn, right?)
      You are always so generous.

      Shalom and Lotsa real love,


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  9. Hmm… interesting thoughts.
    Fake it until you make it? Could be; perhaps for you, as I believe for me, we are engaging the Power of Positive Thinking.
    I’m going with that, and that’s that, for that! ⚡️💥

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  10. Q

    This post brought to mind the matrix movies and how I once thought that we are nothing more than experimentations wrought by our ‘masters’ . . us, on some space ship a million light years away.

    I love that shadow, it serves your thought so well!


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