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Staying the Course – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #93

Crispina’s challenge has sent me down a path I couldn’t seem to avoid. It’s been a week since Pat’s death and we are still reeling so I apologise ahead of time!

Staying the Course

He had never been afraid of the dark or going it alone before and he wasn’t going to start now. He was, however, a mix of angry and sad that life had dealt him yet another blow.

“You can grieve for a bit but then you have to keep moving forward, my friend. But know this. I have your back and when you see a light in the darkest corners, that’ll be me, there for you.

“And, when your own journey is over – and that’s not for a really long time – I’ll be there waiting for you.”

60 thoughts on “Staying the Course – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #93

  1. Wow, Dale. This is powerful (and a beautiful Tattoo for the best friend who’ll always have his back). I know you’ll always have his back, too. Hugs across the miles, where distance does not matter.

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  2. Dear Dale,

    A wonderful tribute to life lived to the fullest in so few years. Well written and heart breaking.

    Shalom and lotsa comforting hugs whenever you need them,



  3. Î just simply cannot imagine all the β€˜stuff’ life has been throwing at your family…. And this β€˜last sign of love and friendship’, a tattoo on the back as an (eternal) memorial to a lost friend is probably something of the most beautiful (if terrifying) they could have done…. Sending you a few hundred hugs to hold on to, to you and your kids and the family and friends of Pat. Plus my love, of course, my precious friend.


    • It really is. We are still reeling. I thank you. My sons are already too familiar with death and I think they’ve taken after me is looking forward


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