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Purpling Everything – CCC#94 & dVerse

I knew kinda-sorta where I wanted to go with this Crispina’s challenge but didn’t know where to start. Then the dVerse challenge came in and helped me move.  Björn is hosting and decided we need to verb our nouns, so to speak.  We are to Meet the Bar, Verbing, he says, which has inspired me to do what I rarely do, which is to put two challenges together.

Purpling Everything


I need to chocolate, my muse is confused

Maybe wine instead, words stuck in my head

I will trellis my way till I find what to say

Or snake and wiggle, till I get a giggle


Then Crispina showed up and said

Why don’t you purple instead

it’s better for your health

not to mention your wealth


And I couldn’t help but smile

I see you’ve been purpling awhile

That I have indeed

from my fence to my head to this pretty weed


119 thoughts on “Purpling Everything – CCC#94 & dVerse

  1. This idea is new to me and I like it! I regularly need to wine and chocolate (which I also “saw” as colours) and they both make brilliant verbs – I also love the idea of a bit of trellising. Fun, clever writing.

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    • It was new to me, too and so much fun. Oh yes definitely need to wine and chocolate regularly! (Colours of course make sense). Trellising could be a sensuous thing, too, don’t you think?
      So glad you enjoyed this

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  2. I’m no longer allowed to chocolate (I still haven’t found a diabetic chocolate that tastes right), but purpling is perfect, reminds me of the Jenny Joseph poem, ‘When I grow old I will wear purple’. I love ‘I will trellis my way till I find what to say’.


    • That is too bad. Can you wine? We can find a friendlier something did you! Purpling is simply fun and I loved using trellis. Thank you. Glad you enjoyed, Kim

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  3. A weed!!!!!!!
    How dare you. It’s taken me all year to grow this lovely, and just for you, so you could use me and admire me, and wax lyrical about me. Purple all you wish, and trellis all the way to Timbuktu if you must. As for me, I’m off to do a bit of beautifying and perfumerising!

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  4. Q

    I love purple. I used to have a purple vest, and I also had a purple suit jacket. Not at the same time though, since that would have been too much like the Joker. But seriously, so many good things are associated with purple. And it used to be associated with royalty to boot!


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  5. Thunder, I’m tickled purple.
    Pink’s in the sink, with fusion confusion.
    A fun write, yes indeed!
    Yet my only garden flower’s a weed
    And it’s orange.

    Sweet piece, Dale!

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