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In Morning’s Light

Sanaa Rizvi is hosting dVerse Poetics today.  The subject is exploring erotica as a literary genre.  Subtlety goes a long way for me when it comes to erotica.  I love pushing my own boundaries – not that mine are that cut and dried by it is still a genre not familiar.

The early morning sun

caresses their slumbering bodies

awakening one, who traces the rays

over his lover’s body with a soft caress


She stirs and goosebumps rise to meet his fingers

the heat from his body draws her close

a kiss on her nape shivers down her spine

and soundlessly, in unison


They turn to each other, then

ever so gently his body covers hers

as they welcome the day

with a rhythm borne of love


130 thoughts on “In Morning’s Light

  1. This is incredibly beautiful, Dale! ❤️ I love how you begin with the opening image of the early morning sun 🙂 subtle and yet so arresting. Thank you so much for writing to the prompt.

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  2. This is so beautiful. It borders between erotica and love, and that is indeed evocative. You write with heartfelt descriptions; they are very warm throughout this piece. Amazing writing!

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    • Oh, thank you so much, Lucy. I think erotica mixed with love is so much more sensuous. I love that you felt the descriptions heartfelt and warm. Such a great comment!

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  3. Subtle and lovely, Dale. I tend to be less is more with regard to erotic scenes when I’m writing – signals rather than clear signs and “naked” facts. Harder than writing a fight scene imo.and I’m hopeless at that!

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    • Thank you, Jilly. I prefee signals and innuendos – like the old movies, say, From Here to Eternity – that beach scene is way more sensual than what they do today where you’ve got much less to the imagination. It is not easy. And I’m glad you enjoyed my attempt!

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  4. Q

    Sexy and sultry dish you’re serving up. I really like the cadence of this piece of writing, which flows very much like a lazy, hazy morning in bed with nowhere, and everywhere to go. Like the dance it paints, love it.


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