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Next Best Thing to the Real Thing – Friday Fictioneers

Welcome to Wednesday (is it still Wednesday? Yippers, for another hour, here in Montreal, anyway) where sometimes I play Friday Fictioneers.   Rochelle keeps us keepin’ on and this week, it’s with the help of C.E. Ayr’s photo.  Should you want to play, just click on the frog below and add your own 100-word story which includes a beginning, middle and end.  Remember, it’s not what you look at, it’s what you see 😉

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Next Best Thing To the Real Thing

Hard to believe we’re in a hotel. My goodness! It feels like we are in the middle of New York!

Welcome to Vegas!  Come, let me show you more. They even have a mini Coney Island, including a roller coaster that —

Wait.  I hear music.  Look! A piano bar!

Yeah. It has duelling pianos. We’ll have a drink there first then dine at Gallagher’s for the best dry-aged beef you’ve ever tasted.

This is so cool. Where are we going tomorrow?

I’m taking you to Paris, Baby.


How about Venice?

It’s the next best thing to the real thing!


132 thoughts on “Next Best Thing to the Real Thing – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Now that is a super 100 word adventure. We’ve been to Paris a couple of time. Vegas many times, but we skipped Venice during a heatwave one August. We spent the time in Firenze instead. I’ve been in the airport in New York.

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  2. I liked the fun in you story 💜
    Never been to Los Vargas as a non gambler it’s never attracted me. My eldest has been as part of his trip round that part of the world his favourite place in the US is San Francisco. He’s done most of the world. I have done a bit ….wonder if we’ll ever travel again 💜

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  3. The sense of fun comes through here, Dale. I’ve never been to LV–it has never sounded very appealing to me. (Older daughter was there for a day once and got a horrible allergic reaction.) My best friend wants to move to the area outside the city where her sister lives, and it does look beautiful.

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    • I’ll tell you what. It’s one of those “ya gotta see it to believe it” places. Once and done and not more than 3-4 days. If course, I mean on the strip. I would love to go back and visit the outskirts

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  4. Las Vegas isn’t my thing as I am not a gambler but, I love the area. A good friend sold his California house and moved to a gated community in the North end of Vegas and it’s very nice. Of course, he had to take Rochelle and I to the strip. The best part? A movie and a wonderful buffet. As you said in your great little story though, you can go around the world in a few blocks. Lol.

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    • I think it’s a “you gotta see it once” type of place. I would return but visit outside the strip, which I didn’t do in the two times I went.


  5. Q

    Vegas is like an adult Epcot, isn’t it? It gives you a slice of all the corners of the world, even if the slice really doesn’t possess the essence of those places in the least. It’s kitschy and fun though, so why not experience it at least once. Which I am thankful for having done, because there are few things as hilarious as tuning into a morning show on the sunshiny east coast when you arrive back in your room in darkness.

    I spent a month in Vegas one weekend, because that’s the kind of town it is if you . . . wait for it, play your cards right. You must immerse yourself in it though, never minding the illusory bells and whistles that always have a fee attached.

    You’ve captured that feeling.


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    • B,

      That it is! And it’s funny, my first idea for a story was a mix of Epcot, Expo and Vegas to finally end up where I did. The slice has no flavour. But it is definitely kitschy and fun and I truly believe a visit is worthwhile.

      I know what you mean. And I’m really glad I did visit it and got that sense of… well, far-outedness that it is!

      So glad I did.


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      • I have to agree, there is no flavor to any of it. It’s a composite of all these different places without the feel. I mean, there’s only one Empire State building and Brooklyn Bridge after all.

        I’m glad too. I got my Vegas fix AND I got to visit the Hoover Dam which was a really cool day trip. And really, how many times do we go to a forty dollar buffet and say “Yeah, this is totally worth it”, because it was. And that wasn’t just the martinis talking . . .

        You so good . .


  6. Been to Lake Tahoe and Reno for recreation, but every trip to LV was work related. Last time (a conference) I put on shorts, a tee, and ran the strip. If you want to be noticed, try it. Get some looks when I’d stop and prowl a casino or two. 🙂 Nicely done, Dale.

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  7. Fun story, Dale. It’s also funny that people think you only go to Vegas to gamble when it’s probably as much of an amusement park as Disney. I have fond memories, very different, of the two times I’ve been to Vegas. The second was after visiting national parks/nature and what a mind-blowing experience to come into all of that sensory stuff that is Vegas! The first was when it was still cheap and you could get really good food cheap. The old days. 🙂

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    • I agree, Sascha! I also have been twice and so enjoyed just visiting the insane hotels, catching a Cirque du Soleil show, eating at the buffets and excellent restaurants. The vibe is great.

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  8. Such an extraordinary, crazy place, Vegas. Just the idea of a gambling oasis in the desert is just insane! I love your journey round the world in 100 words – you are the Phileas Fogg of Friday Fictioneers 🙂

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  9. Seeing that image (and your prose) reminds me Vegas isn’t all bad. Mostly. 😆 Having had far too many stressful business trips to Vegas, it isn’t exactly my most favorite place on earth and goodness knows I’ve ‘seen it all’ when I’ve been there. Such a bizarre place where too many people act ridiculously dumb but think they’re being cool.

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  10. You gotta give it to Vegas, for creating many themed places that really do spell a flavour.
    It reminds me of well done movie sets, maybe better, because it’s more permanent. Movie sets get struck down when done with.
    You wrote about “the next best thing to the real thing”. Yet, it is the real thing. You really wrote it. Nothing fake here! ⚡️💥

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