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Making Things “Better” – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #95

I had so many “matchy-matchy” pics I had trouble deciding where to go with this one.  And then, as I sorted through and brought them down to two, this is what happened.  I hope you don’t mind, Crispina, that I sandwiched your beautiful pic between my two! 🙂 (I know you don’t!)

Do you remember when as far as the eye can see we saw nothing but the sea?

Yeah, it was so beautiful.  We were one with nature.

Exactly.  And then those windmills popped up.  Didn’t seem too bad, though. They are definitely a good way to harness the wind into energy and not too intrusive.

Yeah, that’s true.  Why couldn’t they stop there?

Why’d they have to build that big-ass hotel and develop that area? Why couldn’t they leave it alone? This was our sanctuary of sorts.

Yeah. Man’s need to supposedly make things better.  Heaven forbid we not use up every last natural beautiful place for some new development ..  Pffft. Betterment, my ass.  Better enjoy this beach while it’s still available.

73 thoughts on “Making Things “Better” – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #95

  1. Beautiful photos from you and Crispina. So true about all those lovely places that are no more because they’ve built hotels and/or “improved” them.
    We’re watching a Finnish mystery series right now–and part of the plot involves the building of windmills–or whatever they’re called when they don’t have blades. 🙂

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  2. Q

    It’s all in the name of progress after all, which benefits everyone. At least, that’s the standard line belched out by the suits every time an announcement is made about a new theme park, residential neighborhood, big box store, ballpark . . . and on and on and on and on and on again. But of course a lot of this development is taking away much more than it gives back.

    Once upon a time, Lancaster County used to be a unique little spot on the map where tourists could visit Amish country and venture into town to check out some interesting historical landmarks. But fast forward to the here and now, and it’s Every Town USA. What with the Wal-Marts, Targets, outdoor malls and all the rest . . . the unique of it all? It done left town.

    Love how you used this challenge. It’s so damned spot on, sadly.


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      • To every place where people want what they want right this minute. Save the planet? Sure, but I NEED my Rose flavored popcorn and a master suite walk in closet and access to twenty seven different fast food chains in the event my Pinterest recipe page won’t load! It’s like that, all over.

        Loved it, as per. 😉

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  3. I appreciate this little mini rant and couldn’t agree more that greed is destroying our planet. What will we leave the future generations? It’s sad what is happening to our beautiful blue world. 😊🤗

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  4. That’s the way it works. Niagara Falls soon got built up with various tourist things.
    But now folks can hardly go to these big hotels, sports complexes, and other entertainment places. Cruise ships are in dire straits. 😉 We’ve had quite the reversal in short order., so now businesses are going broke.

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  5. Son of a beach that is one sad deal with windmills and big, ugly hotels. Wonderful photos despite a couple of eyesores. I love the commentary.

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    • Thank you, Timothy… it is, isn’t it? As Crispina said, windmills are great and all but so many birds get caught in them. The damn hotels just keep popping up all over.
      Glad you did.

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  6. Dear Dale,

    Stunning pictures. You know me and the sea. 😉 Can’t get enough of it. That’s why I live in the landlocked Midwest. As for our propensity to develop every last inch of real estate, I see it happening here. We moved to Belton to escape the city and the city is moving out to greet us. (With everything but a decent natural grocery store). At any rate, well done in your straight-forward style…as always.



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    • Dear Rochelle,

      Thank you, kind lady. I had three more and forced myself to use but two 😉 I love when I can find the matchy-matchy photos and they inspire me… coz I had no idea where to go with this one.
      And yeah, my town was puny – population and buildings, etc. when my parents moved here. Now? Ridick.
      Glad you liked.

      Shalom and lotsa love,


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  7. Man has a need to intrude on nature wherever it is. Sunsets on the ocean are supposed to be occassional breathtaking moments not something that man must capture each and every day where they build. I wrote a poem not so long ago which is on my blog about it. I have another about the streams of plastic we leave where once the fishes swam. I havent written it yet though.
    Well done.

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  8. Betterment has destroyed Toronto’s lakefront.
    The little pods that they left us, are shameful. I moved here partly because the beach is across a foot bridge by me. It was never crowded there. Now, with Covid, no concerts, no sports venues, no fairs, no, no, no, everyone goes to the beach. Now, there’s standing room only, and I won’t go there. Go figure!
    This is a fab thinking piece,Thunder!

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  9. Sad really, isn’t it? In the name of betterment …of some people’s pockets, that’s all.
    And those windmills aren’t good either, at least not as good as they claim them to be AND they are harmful to living beings too.
    But it’s Sunday, so, here’s to a beautiful day and week ahead! 😉

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