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The Moon, Playing Coquette

For those of you participating in dVerse, I would not want to take up more of your time.  Do not be shy and jump down to the title, saving you the extra 300 words of my preamble!  Speaking of challenges, Merril is hosting Prosery Monday today and I cannot resist, especially since I was already working on this post when the challenge popped into my inbox.  Of course, that meant limiting myself to 144 words but hey, why not?  Today, we must use the line:  “In their dreams they sleep with the moon.” – From Mary Oliver, “Death at Wind River”.

Eeesh… hard to believe it was two weeks ago, I promised Marina the moon.  What can I say? Either time, stuff, fatigue, listlessness, other stuff, etc. got in the way.  Or a combo of all.  Or some.  Neither here nor there, right?  I’m here now.  And how do you like that?  The time it took me to do this, the moon is in the same phase-ish.  Wait. Is it?

No, it isn’t.  I had to look up just where in the moon’s phase I was when I took the photos. Though my camera says September 1st, I know it was August 31st (must find out how to change the settings on my camera).  On August 31st, the moon was at 97% Illumination, in Waxing Gibbous, leading up to September 2nd’s Full Moon.  I was going to post this tomorrow, September 15th, when she is at 5% Illumination, in Waning Crescent, leading up to September 17th’s New Moon. So. My timing (with a minor cheat) is bang on – mirror-style.  Have I bored you?  Or, like me, did you learn something new?

Enough blah blah, Rogerson, move on to your little story created using your pictures of the moon,taken on August 31st.  A little music to get you in the mood…

The Moon, Playing Coquette


Like voyeurs, they watch, moonstruck, unwilling to leave, because on this night, the Moon plays temptress.  Unabashedly, she prances around fully nude, but tonight, though her light is bright, she keeps a sliver of herself hidden.

She is playing the seductress with a reverse striptease.  She flirts with the leaves on the trees, coyly covering and uncovering parts of herself.

First one side,

then the other, concealing more of herself each time she shifts.

It is sensuous dance that surprises the watchers. How can they be aroused by the addition rather than the removal of vestments? And yet they are. Enchanted, even.

At last, she finishes her dance, her new garment reminding her audience of a woman’s shoulder, decorated with lace.

They leave her, making their way to their beds and, in their dreams, they sleep with the moon, replaying her dance, in reverse.


99 thoughts on “The Moon, Playing Coquette

  1. A beautiful dance in your verse about lady moon. You write her exquisitely with sensual and mind-blowing imagery. Such a fantastic and well-written take on the prompt, it’s such an enjoyable read. It’s very inspiring and I admire your writing style, along with your prose. It’s enchanting!

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  2. Love how you’ve done that. And excellent photos (my moon photos are always a disappointment). As for Van Morrison… we don’t hear enough of Van Morrison, sunk into nigh oblivion with the passage of time.

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  3. Aw, Dale you may have promised the Moon but o- you’ve gone much further than that! She’s gorgeous in all her faces, a true coquette and with Van in the background… I can see her smiling! 😉 xoxoxoxoxoxo
    + many hugs!

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  4. I enjoyed the interplay of words and photos, Dale, and the thought of a naked moon dancing in a reverse striptease – and thanks so much for Moondance, one of my favourite Van Morrison tracks.

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  5. Bopping away to Moondance. Adore this song!
    I’m typing like I’m playing a piano!
    LoL…,.,/,.><?:*&^%$#@! Kept the beat all along.
    Okay back to your story.
    Love it.
    Your shots are perfect for your reverse striptease story.
    There's something very akin about the passage of my life in this story.
    Born naked, wore sexy short tight clothes as a teen, wore cool fashions as an adult, now, well, I'm wearing more clothes than ever… and baggy, love Norm's OS shirts from the 80's.
    Hmm, yes, you've made me see my life , as a reverse striptease.

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  6. Q

    The moon is a temptress whose charms introduce us to the forever we will never get to meet. Your captures are slinky, sexy slices of that forever kind of place. Dressed up in vignettes that provide us a peek at the dance that makes the tides roll high.

    And speaking of dance, that’s the perfect musical accompaniment of course. Morrison wrote the original as an instrumental, with a sax . . which equals moon like few other musical instruments ever have.

    Gracias for the moon shine.


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