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Not About the Fish – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #97

I knew I didn’t have any sunrise pictures to go with Crispina’s (way too early for me, on most days!) and I thought I’d skip or write a little something simple.  But then I could not help it and found myself trolling my photos.  Wouldja lookit that?  I’ll be darned… A little something simple AND a sorta kinda matchy-matchy 😉


Whether at sunrise alone

or at sunset with a friend

it doesn’t matter

It’s not about the fish

It’s about getting away

from the demands of life

to just be one with nature

It’s what keeps me sane


99 thoughts on “Not About the Fish – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #97

  1. This is lovely Dale! I wish it were a bit chilly here. I have the day off so I did lie out in the sun for a little vitamin D and there was a nice breeze. I love your post , off the cuff? It’s pretty Super lovely!

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  2. I agree with everyone here, Dale – definitely not about the fish We have a great TV show here which just involves two friends at the river bank, “chewin’ the fat”. It’s very good for the sanity.

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  3. For some reason, on seeing the picture again.. I was reminded of Pasternak’s “Zhivago’s Poems” after the novel…. two verses from Separation in particular;

    She was as dear to him
    In her every feature
    As the coast is near the sea
    Along the line of breakers.

    As waves drown the reeds
    In the aftermath of a storm,
    So her forms and features
    Sank to the bottom of his soul.

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  4. Perfect!!!!
    (Yay, not about fishing!) One of my terrifying childhood memories was bumping into a catfish while swimming in a lake.
    The tranquil getaway is a gem of life.
    Your pic is so great. Wow! ⚡️💥
    Not that this is a photo competition… just saying!

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  5. Q

    It’s never about the fish, it’s about the peace of mind afforded by that time and place you choose to be inside of. The lock it has on your bones as you give yourself to its redemptive qualities and allow it to nourish you in ways you didn’t imagine you were missing in the first place. But now found, sans the fish.



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    • B,

      I couldn’t have said it any better 😉 Some need to include the casting out motion to be one with nature. And that’s okay, too. As long as you feel that release.




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