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Hanging On

De from Whimsygizmo is hosting dVerse (okay, it was yesterday and I’m late!) and has told us the sky is the limit for this week’s quadrille.Β  Now, many of you know I’m partial to clouds and sky so choosing just one photo from my rather large collection was difficult. And probably the reason I couldn’t focus on what to write!Β  Na’ama assured me the sky was not falling (she checked) and that I could always post today.Β  Seems she was right, so here I am, after all!

Thoughts and memories

stretch like clouds across the blue sky

Try as you might

to hang on to them

(the good ones)

some will dissipate

gone forever, leaving no trace

Others refuse to let go;

remain part of your story

to nurture

to comfort



136 thoughts on “Hanging On

  1. Dear Dale,

    Oh so true. Why is it that accusing memories stick to our hearts so tenaciously while the positive ones are like steam…easily dismissed? Well done as always, my friend.

    Shalom and lotsa memorable hugs,


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  2. What a great comparison–memories like clouds. And the photo is stunning!

    Just so you know, all of the dVerse prompts are open for more than one day. I often don’t post on the first day. The Monday prompts are open all week.

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    • Oh yes. The really good ones do tend to hang on, don’t they? Thank you. I was rather pleased with this one and it did get me started on where to go with this poem. Sometimes I find an image to match my words, but most times it’s the image that directs me. So glad you felt as I did.

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  3. Consider me ditto nodding on your whole conversation with Merril … and … also, this is STUNNING! Love the photo!!! And, yeah for how memories slip and slide and stick around, and then sometimes pop up at odd times. Sort of like clouds. Such a great comparison! (oh, and I’m ever so glad the sky cooperated and did not fall between last night and today, because … can you IMAGINE how embarrassed I would’a been if they had???!!!) πŸ˜‰
    luv ya

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  4. I refer to thoughts as clouds when I teach meditation … that they are just passing through. These ones look like the wind is assisting wiping them across the sky πŸ™‚

    Beautiful words Dale!


  5. Beautiful! I love the idea of memories being as clouds. πŸ’πŸ’ Being poets we like to hold onto them .. especially the good ones πŸ™‚

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    • Thank you. So glad you like, De.

      Oh, I know it is but as I participate in various other challenges, I try to post as close to the start time as possible πŸ˜‰


  6. Q

    Beautifully painted, Miss Q. To each cloud, a memory whose precipitation rains down in torrents or mist or as you say, in some cases, not at all. And it’s so true, because you ever sit there and think back to something and I mean, you REALLY have to think to remember it. But the idea of thinking back on it was opened wide by some other thought whose breadcrumb made you follow that line. And then there it is, a memory you’d relegated to the dusty attic.

    All so true.


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  7. This is beautifully written 🀩
    I enjoyed every minute of the read and your writing style is just amazing…
    I also have a blog… Don’t forget to check it out… Make sure you like and follow too
    Thanks and more power to you!!


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