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Judgment By Garlic – Friday Fictioneers

Hello my peeps!  It’s Wednesday and that means Friday Fictioneers!  This week, I’m the teacher’s pet as it’s my photo being used as inspiration.  Woot!  Thank you, Rochelle, for hosting this week after week.  Should you wish to participate, please, click on the frog below and add the link to your 100-word story!

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There’s something about a braid of garlic hanging in a kitchen. It’s a reassuring sign. It tells me the person who does the cooking takes it seriously and does it with love.  Call me crazy but, just like you can judge a person by their bookshelves, so can you by their kitchen. It may be small and cramped with little counter space (let’s call it cozy, not cluttered) but if there’s a garlic tress? You know they are going to create gastronomical magic that will have your tastebuds dancing to a tune they have orchestrated, using only the best ingredients.

165 thoughts on “Judgment By Garlic – Friday Fictioneers

  1. I love garlic, and we grow it every year so we always have some on hand. The only time I ever bought a braid of garlic was when we were on the French waterways and I bought some at a local market. It was the foulest, mustiest excuse for garlic that I have ever come across; it almost put me off for life. I kept thinking, maybe it’s just this clove, another will be better, but that sadly wasn’t the case. A lovely warm reminder this week.

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    • Oh no! That is so sad! To sell old shriveled up garlic is blasphemy.
      I want to grow it and know now is the time to plant it but my garden is still non-existent.
      Glad you enjoyed my story, Sandra

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  2. I agree, Dale, garlic is equally good as decoration as it is for putting into the cooking. We also grow a lot of it, more than we can use, mostly because we expect some of it to fail, but it all thrives and every year we are surprised when it does. The thing is we can’t risk planting less and in case we do have a bad year.
    Thank-you very much for your review of ‘Outsiders,’ much appreciated.

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  3. Judge a person by their kitchen… hmm. Okay, ⚡️💥, I confess mine is not cozy. Well used definitely. Too bad I like cooking more than cleaning. Cooking is creative. Cleaning is annoying. Still, yes, I clean… I’m going to go cut pastry crust now. That should be good ‘n messy.

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