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The Plan – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #98

There you have it.  When I saw Crispina‘s photo, I knew exactly what I was going to do.  And then, in my search for that photo I needed to join in the story I found a couple more.  Ahhh… with a modification and a twist, I went for it. Apologies, Crisp! I blew the 150-word limit!  I’m surely forgiven… right?

The Plan

When I look back now, I realise this started at a very young age.  The first time, I actually blamed myself for not paying attention, for not doing what I should, but no.  I can see it wouldn’t have mattered. She’d have found a way. She waited till she knew I’d notice it too late and wouldn’t be able to go back to find it.  She was just a baby for goodness sake!  Still.  Now?  I’m sure she knew exactly what she was doing.

When she hit her teenage years, I could more fully understand.  It had to be a conscious decision.  Of course, back then, she was still of an age to run around and play, so it was less obvious.

As a young adult, I couldn’t understand this obsession. Did she really think it could possibly work? Leaving a balled up note inside, to boot? It seemed rather desperate, to me.  Fairy tales were for children!

This time?  My goodness.  Now she has done it.  No way it could be missed. She chose the flashiest colour and hung it up at eye-level.

Surely Prince Charming would find THIS one?

80 thoughts on “The Plan – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #98

  1. just OMG…. but a nice twist with that balled up message in the shoe!

    and WHAT IS IT with people attaching or slinging shoes high up on trees?! I once was warned by my neighbour NOT TO GO ONTO THE BALCONY (how good is THAT advice?!) because my son was on top of a street lamp, doing something to a school bag….. Another time I took a photo of a gymn shoe on a tree right in Paris, another one in a park at Lac Léman – a red one too…. not to speak of the number of single shoes, sneakers, boots etc we found when driving our hundreds of miles through England, France and other countries…..


  2. Clever take on the prompt, Dale. I didn’t know people took pictures of shoes in shrubs! But certainly that might be more likely to catch Charming’s eye. Out here in the western US I have seen a few shoe-spangled trees with literally hundreds of shoes in them. The point? I have no clue.

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    • Thank you Eilene. Glad you enjoyed. I can’t help but the pictures of lonely items 😉 and wonder how one loses a shoe and doesn’t notice!
      Putting it up in the tree might work. 😉
      As for the shoe-spangled trees… Might have to look it up!

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  3. A great twist on Cinderella’s shoe. But, what does she do if several shoes were found by several Prince’s? Oh, I know. Make it a TV series about choosing the right one. Lol. Good story Dale. As always.

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  4. Hilarious how we SORT of went the same way while going in totally different directions! 🙂
    Love this!
    I was taking a walk with a 3 year old in the park a couple of weeks ago and we came across one sneaker. She looked at me with questioning eyes and wondered “maybe they hopped on one leg all the way home?” 😉
    I can never understand those one-abandoned-shoe thing. Your story gives me a possible lead … lol.

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    • Did you? LOL! I’m off to go check.
      I am ever curious to know just what happened. It’s when they are on the side of the highway that I wonder…. 😉
      And hey, one never knows, right?

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      • One never knows. … that’s for sure. Sort of like the lost-and-found of the subway, where they’d find dentures and prosthetic legs and crutches and you think … hmmm … how’d anyone misplace THAT? 😉


  5. Dear Dale,

    You can’t get more obvious than hanging a shoe in a tree…I assume with a note and directions stuffed in it. Love the photos and the story.

    Shalom and lotsa sole-ful hugs,



  6. Q

    That is SOME shoe! I love that color and this reminds me of a scene from The American President with Michael Douglas and Annette Benning where he plays a bachelor President. He has designs on Benning’s character and so his daughter tells him to compliment her shoes. “Girls love when you compliment their shoes”. From the mouths of babes to the President himself. Impressive.

    As was your romantic tale!


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  7. I like the balled up message. Hopefully it will be more successful than the letters in bottles that I threw into the sea right into my teenage years…..

    Mind you I could not help but think of a lost glove: Annoying for the loser and doubly annoying for the finder… next time I lose a glove I’ll try and rememeber to leave a message inside.


  8. That was fun Thunder! I always wondered what was with all those single shoes hither and yon. Now I know. So, have you been banned from Crimson’s Creative Challenge, for blowing the limit? Is there a fine? Jail time? 😀

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  9. A little late here… but better late huh?!
    Every shoe has its story… how brilliantly done, Dale!
    I was also going to ask about prince charming but then again as you grow you kinda appreciate your own space 😉 😂🤣😂🤣
    Happy October and happy weekend! xoxoxoxo

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