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A Blanket For Autumn

Merril is hosting dVerse.  This week the word is “blanket” to be used in a quadrille.  Time I dust off my writing skills after a week away, eh?

A blanket of fallen autumnal leaves

form a patchwork or crazy quilt

inviting us to find a pattern

or simply kick our way through

enjoying the crunch underfoot

and the musky-sweet scent

reminding us they serve a purpose

participating in the circle of life

143 thoughts on “A Blanket For Autumn

  1. Q

    Now, this all depends on what side of the fence I happen to be partaking of said blanket. Because if it’s my side of things, they’re a fucking nuisance whose existence leaves me blinded with rage at the prospect of having to collect their sorry little asses into the bag that I have to drag to the curb. And the realization that I can’t use a blowtorch to get the job done makes me feel as if I’m living in a communist state, but I do realize this may be the slightest bit hyperbolic to some.

    But if you’re talking about that blanket on the other side of the fence? It’s Longfellow on tap. It’s the rhythmic dance of fire and ice. It’s a composition of classical music and fine art. It’s football being played inside the brilliant death of summer.

    Funny how perspective works.


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    • B,

      Well now, I think you’re going about this all wrong. You know you like to keep in shape so hell, once in a while, instead of Rob Zombie and/or other exercise and/or running, look at leaf raking as another form! It works the abs, arms, legs. 😉

      As for the other side of the fence, that’s to play in coz it doesn’t matter. You are just so damn poetic in your responses…

      Funny indeed. And nothing like choosing to change our perspective 😉


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      • You do have a point there. But I done did all that stuff back inside another time. I kind of would like to put the memory of those ‘workouts’ in my back pocket. The way I put shoveling snow away for good, 😉

        Poetry begets poetry is what someone said, somewhere, at sometime . . .

        It helps when you don’t let your blinders get peaky . . .

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        • Ah well… Next abode, make it a condo 😉 I did put shovelling away, except for the walkway, of course which should be done by the kids but let’s be honest…

          Does it? I guess that means you liked mine? 😉

          Tee hee… You clever one…

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          • The shoveling should never be done by anyone over the age of me. I read that just now . . as I was writing it.

            Mebe a little more than a little bit? The rustle and fire . . the perfume of chimney smoke and winter’s breath . . yeah, more than a little bit.

            Clever is as clever knows. 😉

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          • I have had some experience with the snow shovel in recent years, but I keep it to a minimum. And when I’m doing it, I think to myself “do I have enough in the house to survive?”. And if the answer comes back liquor and beer, then the answer is yes.

            I know not of this teasing. As I know not of this sarcasm. I’m too pure for that stuff, I’m guessing.

            Oh, I know I’m on to something with that one.

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          • I hear ya… Ironically Mick shovelled a small path to his truck – that snow that I call heart-attack snow because it is wet and heavy like hell – the morning of his heart attack. So… don’t feel the need, if you don’t have to.

            Ummm. That cute l’il nose of yers gonna grow, you keep it up.

            Such self-assuredness! (made it up)

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          • Definitely not. So what if the postman/woman bitches at you? Make a path wide enough for them and be… oh waitaminute… you don’t have door delivery… Never mind! Don’t need to do nuthin!

            I’m thinking you’d want that reserved for other things…


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          • Well, neither here nor there for you so. Mine, so far, seems reasonable so I’ll make him a li’l path. Coz I’m just that damn nice.

            I know it is.


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  2. White, as far as the eye can see
    Glittering with the reflection of the sun
    Fit for footprints, angels, friendly fights and frolics
    Nature’s beauty
    Untouched, pristine, majestic
    A blanket of fresh snow
    Fit to be tousled
    But I will allow her to rest

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  3. Your verse is lovely and meaningful. Adore!
    I must add, that photo is spectacular, possibly the best blanket/quilt I’ve ever seen.
    Are all those colours just leaves…no petals?

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