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A Boat Abode – Friday Fictioneers

This working nine-to-five thing is really getting in the way of my writing and reading time!  I’m going to have to figure out a decent schedule!  Late is better than not, right?  And I know, there is no late per se but ya’all know most of us like to get these things in early (ier).  A thank you to C.E.Ayr for the use of his photo and to Rochelle for keeping us all afloat week after week!  To join in, just click on the frog below and follow the instructions to leave your link!


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A Boat Abode

Riding along on her bicycle, Clara’s thoughts were filled with questions about her future when she spotted a pink boat with a ‘For Sale’ sign.  Curious, she parked her bike to go investigate further.

“Hey there, Missy.  What can I do for you?”

“I’m curious if one could live on this here boat?”

“Shore thing. Wanna look inside?”

“I do.”

“You by yourself or with someone?”

“Just me.  My apartment has been taken over by the landlord and I’m in dire need of a new home.”

“And you thought a boat is a solution?”

“Not until I saw this one!”


134 thoughts on “A Boat Abode – Friday Fictioneers

  1. I think I would be game to considering this an abode, too! 🙂
    Lovely take, my friend. And … yeah to better-late-than-none – good thing we have a week for FF!! I’ve been the next-dayer on several in my time. Tis all fine and I’ll still read ya, anytime! 🙂

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  2. There are times when we miss the boat, but it wasn’t pink. However, on our last trip up for brokerage we came across a boat with the same name, and though not a narrow boat like ours, that was pink!!

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    • Dear Rochelle,

      I was thinking it would be pretty darn good idea, myself. Pink? Goes with your story, doesn’t it 😉 Instead of a pink Cadillac a pink boat…
      And… uh… how in the hell did I give YOU the earworm that you just gave me?

      Shalom and lotsa pink love,



  3. That’s such a typical and fun-filled Dale approach. I would love to do just that. I love the water, I love being in and on the water, but I am afraid I like my little luxuries too much and I’m too old to go down that road…. But you might want to mail me WHAT you work from 9 to 5 as I must have missed that post! Makes me chuckle with joy because I’m thinking of the movie and I will probably watch it AGAIN…. (have it on DVD).

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    • A Dale approach, eh? Love it. I loved being on my father’s sailboat but dunno that I would be happy in such a small (32′) space for any length of time.
      I basically do data entry from home. Started September 24th and thankfully, ended at the golf last Saturday (10th) because until then, I was doing seven days a week!

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  4. I love this girl with her imagination and optimism – definitely a “glass half full” type. And I love the video, such a great film with my favourite line “He will always be F Hart to me.” What are you doing 9 – 5? As it’s office hours, I am guessing you’ve completely changed your work.

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    • Apologies on my tardiness. I guess my notifications bar cut off a whole section of comments and I just now decided to come back to check something only to found I had involuntarily dissed a few of you!
      Yes. I love her attitude – an opportunity presented itself and she grabbed it. That movie was so good and that line… oh yeah! I am out of the golf/service/canteen biz and now working from home doing, for now, data entry. I am not sad. At all. I’m done with the 12+hours on my feet gig!


  5. Q

    If you ask me, a houseboat is the way to go in this crazy day and age. I don’t know if pink would work for me, or the motion sickness thing. But the idea of having a mobile house that can sail away from a zombie apocalypse or a second Trump term (which, really . . it’s the same kind of difference there come to think of it).

    Brings new meaning to “Whatever floats your boat” eh?


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    • I think this should work out just fine. And if she doesn’t like it, or her circumstances change, I’m sure she can sell it 😉
      Thank you, Brenda.


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