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What Do You Believe? – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #101

A little later than usual but that’s the way of it, sometimes.  Crispina says we have until forever to write so… here I am! I love finding something of mine to add to hers and put them together and I have it on good authority that it has now become expected of me.  I do not want to disappoint!

Where does this go, do you think?

Nowhere. You can plainly see it’s a broken down something that is now nothing.

You’ve no imagination, you know that?  Look how it seems to glow.  I think we should go in and investigate.

I think your imagination is working overtime. You’re always off in some magical place in your mind.

What’s wrong with that?

Nothing, I guess. But you know, facing reality is better suited to getting on in life.

I dunno about that. There is enough awful in reality. Seems to me, injecting a little magic helps to soften things, make the real palatable.

As long as you don’t forever live in your magical state.

You are so annoying sometimes, you know that?  Now hush up and come with me, would you?

Fine. But you’ll see there’s nothing— whoa… what the hell?

Whatsamatter?  Did you find some magic, oh, Realist?


82 thoughts on “What Do You Believe? – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #101

  1. Ha ha! I woulda’ wanted to be a fly on the wall (NOT the hair … 😉 ) to see the face of that one when faces with magic! And … yep, gotta have some ‘magination and a lotta magic. Yep. Love this! 🙂

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  2. Dear Dale,

    I’ve had enough of reality. Give me magic any day. I’d love to know what the pragmatist saw there at the end. Love the Dalesque dialogue, which in itself, is magical.

    Shalom and lotsa fantastical hugs,


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  3. Q

    This piece could be applied to so many different things, from science to religion to life and death and mysticism. It all comes back to imagination . . you either have it or you possess a void where it should be. And I really feel sorry for the latter, because to have not a clue as to how magic works is to lack a very important survival mechanism.

    I dig your trip to the other side, very much.


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  4. Hahahahaha!
    We can go anywhere though an entrance like that!
    Hope you are having a great rest, Dale!
    BTW – your peach tree plays big time in the upcoming ep. of the Art Gowns Models!

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