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A Quiet Spot – Crimsons’s Creative Challenge #102

When I saw this prompt I knew EXACTLY where I would go with it.  How fun is that? Very, I say. Should you ever want to join in on Crispina’s challenge, just click here and see the what’s what which is pretty much anything you feel like. What’s not to like?

A Quiet Spot

He paddled into his quiet enclave, looking forward to getting some shut-eye.

Psst!  Hey you! Over there in the reeds!

What? Who said that?

Over here, look to your left towards the shore!

I see you. What do you want?

Wanna join us?  It’s great here.

Looks kinda crowded to me.

Nah… there’s room. My buddy here will scootch up. Whaddaya say? Must be lonely over there all by yourself.

It’s nice and quiet.

It would be quiet here, too, Daisy, if you’d just shut up and leave him alone!

Fine. I’ll shut up, then.


96 thoughts on “A Quiet Spot – Crimsons’s Creative Challenge #102

  1. Q

    Daisy Duck makes an appearance, ladies and gentleman! Of COURSE you knew where you were going with this. You could have your own weekly challenge, yanno? I hear tell you’re mighty good at these challenges, and unlike too many Muricans, I don’t get my news from fake (or Fox, same difference) sources. 😉

    And really, I totally relate to wanting that little bit of quiet time. It’s mostly the makeup of my MO, though, so there is that.

    Shout out to the Mistress of Challenges. Get ducky!


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  2. So much fun, and great photos!

    A few times at the river, I’ve seen one duck amidst the geese. One time the geese were all honking, and he kind of looked around and then quacked. I really wondered if he was or trying to be part of the flock.

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  3. Aaaawh – we are right now at Lago Maggiore in Locarno and visited Ascona. Rain, rain, rain…. fog, thick to cut and out on the large lake, far off, 2 swans with their plumes open…. majestically sailing through all this as if it were the best news ever.

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