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True Happiness

Lillian has challenged us to write a quadrille using “happiness” or some variation of it for this week’s dVerse prompt. I was going to go fun(ny) but somehow that didn’t work out like I planned. Gotta respect the muse, right?



Happiness cannot be found in bottles

doled out by another’s hand


It may feel lovely upon application

but it only reaches the surface

and fades until the next spray


Once we learn to find it from within

we realise we have an endless supply

132 thoughts on “True Happiness

  1. Dear Dale,

    Happiness can’t be bought can it? It certainly isn’t imbibed. Although a well prepared pho makes my taste buds and tummy happy. Well written. Well said, my friend. (Your friendship makes me happy.)

    Shalom and lotsa cheerful hugs,


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    • Dear Rochelle,

      No, it cannot. And we cannot get it from others – at least not always. A well-prepared something does make our taste buds happy. Thank you, my friend. Yours makes me happy, too.

      Shalom and lots of happy love,


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  2. This is lovely Dale.

    And sometimes, the muse just wants to be seen clearly without ‘humour’ fogging up her truth. (sort of like how alcohol disguises pain… or something like that! ) πŸ™‚

    Love your poem dear Dale.

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    • Thank you, lovely Louise!

      Yes, sometimes the muse kicks humour to the curb. And that’s quite all right.

      So glad you did. (I’m in catch up mode and have a bunch of Dare Boldly to read!


  3. I actually wrote my PhD dissertation of female alcoholism….and interviewed many many women for it….including Lois Wilson one year, almost to the day, before she died. She was the wife of Bill W who wrote the Big Book for Alcoholic Anonymous….and she started Alanon. You’ve written a truism here. For some, it is so hard to come out from under the bottle. Happiness is fleeting for the individual who tries to find it in a substance…..bless the work of AA and individuals and organizations who seek to help.

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    • It’s so funny… I didn’t even think of alcohol at all when writing this but the only picture I could find of bottles (in general) in my huge stash were these, taken from a bar…

      I was using bottles more as a metaphor but hey, this does work too!

      I actually love when what I write is interpreted differently than what I had in mind. Thank you, Lillian!


  4. Q

    Who’s to say bottles don’t provide a joyous medicinal value to the erstwhile partaker? lol. It has been rumored that the healing qualities of such potions, while short term, are still quite potent enough to sustain. I mean, I was told this by a friend of a friend of a friend, so I may be WAY off base on the matter.

    I’ll check with Wolf Blitzer after the election and see what he thinks. πŸ˜‰


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  5. truth here, advertisers rely on our insecurities to thrive, don’t they? If we could just find love for ourselves from within, all the beauty companies would fold. I’m sure this poem could be interpreted many ways, but I immediately thought of my former addiction to beauty creams, haha!

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  6. So true. Reminds me of my favorite verse in the Tao Te Ching is V47 (Witter Bynner rendition):
    There is no need to run outside
    For better seeing,
    Nor to peer from a window.
    Rather abide
    At the center of your being;
    For the more you leave it,
    the less you learn.
    Search your heart and see
    If he is wise who takes each turn:
    The way to do is to be.

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  7. Dale! You wrote this 6 days ago and so much has happened since then. Here’s hoping you are tapping into that endless supply. Here’s hoping each of us is doing that.

    44 words and you made each one count. Superb. ~J

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