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Jerusalem(a) – Friday Fictioneers

‘Tis Wednesday!  And with seven minutes left before I start work, I threw this together. So NOT where I was planning to go with it but hey… A little fun never hurts, right?  This week, Rochelle did no pilfering, choosing her own photo – she likes to keep things on the up and up sometimes… Do join in on the fun, won’t you? Just click on the frog below and let ‘er rip. C’mon, you surely have 100 words in you somewhere…

dance to your own tune ~ just like this clever dancing prince ~ prancing in  nature's radiant golden glory!! | Frog, Funny animals, Red eyed tree frog

Click me!


I need to get away from here.


Just feel that I need to find myself.

For Pete’s sake. You’re into that woo woo bullshit stuff?

Not really. Just trying to say that I’m feeling a need to be alone and away from everything.

So, where do you want to go?

I was thinking Israel.

Really? Why? You’re not even Jewish.

I dunno. I’ve heard lots of nice things about Jerusalem.


Jerusalema ikhaya lami
Uhambe nami
Zungangishiyi lana

Ah shit!  Thanks a lot.  Now I’m gonna have that song in my head all day!

There are worst things…

145 thoughts on “Jerusalem(a) – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Dear Dale,

    How fun is this? Jerusalem is a very interesting place. Fascinating people…the architecture, the history. I could go on. But this is about your story. Love the dialogue and could watch those kids all day. Nice. Very nice indeed.

    Shalom and lotsa animated hugs,


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  2. OHHHH! So fun! After the NYC visit, we should plan an Israel excursion – Rochelle, too. I got me a good bit of family there … and I know my way around … 😉 Won’t be fun currently (two week mandatory quarantine upon entry kind of takes the fun out of things), but later! YEAH! That video, though!!! Now I gots me an earworm. Again. 😉 xx Na’ama

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  3. I’ve never been to Israel. My daughter has been Israel a couple times to work on archeology digs. She arrived in 2006 for the start of the Lebanon war. The war put a dent in her plans to visit Petra and other places outside of the archeology site..

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    • So glad you enjoyed! The damn song popped into my head as soon as I thought Jerusalem… Then I let it go… Why should I suffer alone? There are worse earworms, admittedly
      And how lovely to know you have a connection even if you don’t know them… Yet

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  4. Several years ago I saw an IMAX film – Jerusalem … fascinating and so well done. You should be able to find it online – worth the 45 minutes or so. Meanwhile, how can anyone not love those kids!!!!

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  5. Q

    I forgot it was Friday again. I ain’t much for keeping track of the calendar it seems, but I’m guessing that’s just par for most peeps course right now.

    The video . . I had to chase it with some Bon Jovi so as not to have it ringing in my head for most of the rest of the evening, or longer than that, LOL. Of course, it beats hearing about anything that is going on in the outside world right now. Which I remain blissfully ignorant of until manana, when hopefully the smoke has cleared.

    To Jerusalem!


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  6. I’m a great believer in following your heart to a distant place – and when people ask you why just saying, dunno, I just want to go there. And thank you for the video – I defy anyone not to smile watching and listening.

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    • It’s human nature to ask why, isn’t it? Nunyabizness! But why not?
      And my pleasure. This song has been working its way in regularly. This is my favourite video (so far). I say it’s impossible to not smile


    • I’m not religious either but can you just picture the history? Oh man… it is definitely on my list. Lucky for you, it is a bit closer 😉
      I hear it is beautiful.


  7. Fun story and video! They both bring such a smile to my lips. I can hardly wait until this pandemic passes and I can travel the world again. Who knows? I have heard Jerusalem is such a fascinating city but have never been (yet!)

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    • Thank you, Anne! That was my goal so I am pleased I succeeded. Yes, I have heard that Jerusalem is a must to put on the traveler’s list.


  8. First, you mentioned Jerusalem and I was thinking, “No idea what’ she’s talking about.” You threw in the video. After watching it, I still have no idea what this song is. Should I know it?

    How you see the world through the lens of humor is marvelous. Looking forward to reading what comes next. ~J

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    • Hahaha!! I happen to know this picture was taken in Jerusalem. So I played with getting away to somewhere new then, that damn song popped into my head. And I’m amazed you haven’t heard it until now. It’s been hounding me for months. There are so many dances out there – the new craze.

      I do enjoy bringing humour into things when I can. 😁

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