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Bonding – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #105

Crimson Creative Challenge has brought me down memory lane.  I could not help but kinda go over the 150 – but not by too much. I apologise profusely, but I know Crispina is most forgiving.

Remember Father-Child day in kindergarten, Dad?  What a great day that was. I had you all to myself – no brother, no Mom – just us. Well, and the rest of the class.  You were so good with tools and were able to make anything:  my bed, my dresser, all sorts of stuff in the house.  You were the best builder-dad in the class!  You helped me cut the pieces and put them together.  You even made me laugh when I hit my finger with the hammer! In the end, we had such a nice bird feeder.  And you know what?  I still have it.  It’s on top of the bureau you made for me.  Mom almost threw it out!  Boy, did I have a fit. Then I felt bad because she felt bad that I yelled at her.  She did not realise what it meant to me.

Funny how seeing this little house in the woods brought it all back. What I wouldn’t give to build anything with you again.

76 thoughts on “Bonding – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #105

  1. Dear Dale,

    Thanks for tugging my heartstrings to their limits. Sweet story in Aidan’s voice. And the pictures…well…they clinched the deal. Beautifully done.

    Shalom and lotsa parental-heart hugs,


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    • Dear Rochelle,

      Thanks for telling me I managed to do that. I had no choice. I just had to use what I had 🙂 And I love to share these little snippets.

      Shalom and lotsa love with some tears,



  2. This is lovely, and pulls at the heart even as it fills it. You captured the child’s voice. The love, the bonding, the loss, the yearning, the memory, the nostalgia, the wish, the love that still is there and always will be. This is wonderful. I am grateful that you decided to, and allowed us in, to share this. Hugs galore to you and yours … xx

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  3. Dale,

    What a beautiful remembrance and I love how you used his voice to narrate this tale of a father and son making memories together. Memories whose span will take him from that boy to being a father of his own someday. And from there, he’ll have been gifted a fantastic role model who showed him how it’s done.



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  4. Oh, Dale, that is beautiful on all counts. Love those little pics too. The fact they’re small means so much more than if they’d been normal size. Like little peepholes into the memory and the past

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