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Weekend Writing Prompt #184 – Paradox

A word prompt to get your creativity flowing this weekend. How you use the prompt is up to you. Write a piece of flash fiction, a poem, a chapter for your novel…anything you like. Or take the challenge below – there are no prizes – it’s not a competition but rather a fun writing exercise. If you want to share what you come up with, please leave a link to it in the comments and that is right here.  Remembering the less than fun part of dating, back when I bothered.




Why is it that the more aloof and unresponsive you are,
the more they pursue?


And from the moment you show interest and eagerness
you are left hanging, wondering what the hell just happened


This is an absurd paradox, a contradiction in words and actions
when from their lips come “I want you, I desire you”
while their demeanour, if not hands, push you away


It’s a cruel and useless game

107 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Prompt #184 – Paradox

  1. Q

    This piece, which I love how you set it up by the way . . in stanzas . . three, like a play and then that final brushstroke. This piece brings to mind the song “Wicked Game” the original by Chris Isaac, not the reboot version which is too techno for my taste.

    It’s the human condition, I’m guessing, There is a thrill to the chase, to the hunt . . and then, once it becomes apparent the hunt is no longer necessary, some cool their heels or turn dime and just split altogether. Their work, according to the prevailing mindset, is done. They’ve chased and they’ve basically caught. On to someone else!

    It is most definitely needless.


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    • B,

      I thank you. I had to putz around with it for three times the amount of time it took me to write the damn thing! Yes. Wicked Game… I could have added that video. And changed my cruel to wicked. Hmm… Maybe I will 😉

      It is the human condition. For some. And is one of the many reasons I’m done with that whole scene. Who needs the headache?

      It is.


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      • Hmmmm, LOL.

        Yeah, I mean, I don’t want to pile on one sex here because let’s face it, there are plenty on both sides who love to play the wicked game. And they’re quite good at it. But I understand, when you’re in the online dating world, it is all so superficial, so it becomes so much easier for people to behave this way inside that cocoon. When I wanted to get back in the dating world after my divorce I tried it on for size for a time. Had a lot of fun with it, but there were the swings and misses that stung. Women who I would send a photo to after they approached me and then nothing. And I was like “What? No like? Hello?” But nothing.

        It’s a heartless endeavor. Or it can be.

        Fo sho.

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        • LOL away.

          No, it is definitely not only on one sex. Both sides play these friggen games. And like you, after Mick died, I went on the sites and had me a good time. As long as I was playing not for keeps and not giving a damn, that is. Then there were the times where, hmmm… maybe a second date? Nope. ‘parently not. There were some stinging moments, for sure. It was exhausting after awhile.

          It can be,

          For shizzle.

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  2. Very well paced, my friend.
    And … yes, it is indeed quite a paradox. As is some people’s inability to understand that ‘no’ is ‘no’ and that games aren’t what everyone wants to play.
    Well done, you!

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    • Dear Rochelle,

      They are cruel and pointless, for sure and certain. I’ve had more than my share, thank you very much. I’m done with it all.

      Shalom and lotsa love,



  3. Since I love to be a little contrary…

    I hated when this happened to me. It really does suck. But I know when I was a very insecure teen that I would like boys until they became interested in me. I suppose it had to do with my subconscious thought that anyone who would like unworthy me wasn’t worth much, either. It’s a hard thing to shake and always made me feel like a shit, too.

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  4. A great story using paradox. I am so glad I don’t have to play the dating game on anti-social media. It was so different all those many years ago when I was young & unattached and traveling the world with the Navy. It seemed so much more honest then as you couldn’t hide behind a computer screen with no emotion and say what you pleased. I don’t think I could play the dating gene anymore and am so glad I am attached to my lady for life. Good job Dale.

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    • Thank you, Jan. Indeed, a friend and I were discussing that, to a certain extent, even the bar scene is a tad more honest than the dating apps.
      Yes. Do hold on to your lady. It was definitely not part of my plans to find myself single when I did.

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  5. I confess I had no idea what your Paradox was about until I read the responses. I’ve been in two marriages of about twenty years each which ended in divorce initiated by me.
    By then knew what I value in a partner and that it takes years to create such a relationship. It would be wonderful to love and be loved but dating wasn’t the answer for me. I have filled my life with love of family and friends.

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  6. Those were about the thoughts I had this morning when I was pestered AGAIN by a blogger who wants me (amongst others of course) to guest-blog and tell all about me – in more than 71 words and with photos too…. I feel like shouting: I’d like to push you away.

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