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Glorious Autumn

dVerse spoke to me today!  Kim from Writing in Norfolk is hosting and today’s theme is:  Haibun Monday: Being But Human – what is it she is asking? This:   to write about a time when you last watched stars, a storm, the sea, an animal, or something else in nature that left you with a sense of wonder or awe. Aim to write no more than three tight paragraphs, followed by a traditional haiku that includes reference to a season. Hmmm. Here goes:



As I walk along in an autumn woods with no sounds save the crunch of dried leaves beneath my feet, the wind rustling the leaves above me and maybe the occasional trill of a bird I find my heart slowing, my breath deepening, my muscles relaxing and my mind freeing itself from whatever worries I might have.  As this happens, I become more aware of my surroundings:  I marvel at the velvety, almost neon green moss growing on fallen trees.  I delight in the different kinds of fungi growing here and there:  white, bright yellow, striped greys, polka-dotted red.  I watch and smile at the antics of squirrels and chipmunks darting here and there, looking for nuts they will hide away for the winter.  The sky is a shade of blue not seen the rest of the year, which makes the yellows and reds and oranges pop all the more.  I am blessed to live through this season every year.

Colours brilliant
Fall into crispy ground
Joy is found in death

96 thoughts on “Glorious Autumn

  1. Great scene-setting in the opening lines, with appeal to the senses that has me walking with you in my mind, Dale, a relaxing thought and feeling. I love the way you describe moss and fungi – there are so much of them about this year. I agree about the sky being ‘a shade of blue not seen the rest of the year, which makes the yellows and reds and oranges pop all the more’. I agree with Jane, Nature isn’t dead, she’s just resting.

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  2. I felt this joy walking through the woods in Autumn this year: I hadn’t seen it since I left the UK for Spain 4 years ago, and what a joy it was! It’s all but over now, but your words brought that Autumn glory back to life for me.

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  3. Again I’ll say it. My favorite writings of yours are not the fictional–but the very real. You have a voice and a way with words when expressing your true self, my friend. Thanks for sharing it!

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  4. Q

    How beautiful is this to find in late November, when the fall is ready to give way to the winter and all that beauty passes into memory. But with its passing, it leaves the memory of its magical qualities behind.

    I love the finish of this piece most of all.


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    • B,

      Thank you. When asked what in nature moved me, I couldn’t help but go to the colours, textures and scents that tickles the senses in autumn.

      So glad you loved.


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      • The colors and textures and scents . . all a part of the fall season and really, outside of springtime, there is no other time of year that really comes close on those counts.

        Loved loved.

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        • They are – and they are particular to that season, aren’t they? Spring has its colours and textures and scents all it’s own that bring a whole ‘nother emotion (to me).

          Love that you loved loved.

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          • Yes! Funny how comfort food becomes that thing you crave. I actually get sick of “summer” fare by September. I made Shepherd’s Pie the other day (I refuse to make it in summer) – ‘course, come April, I’ll be done with it but for now? Made two kids and a mom happy!



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          • It’s the one time of year when people say “Soup’s On!” and I go . . Okay.

            Excepting for the beer . . that carries over. 😉

            Lasagna is one of those for me. I rarely ever make it in the summer. I’ll make lasagna roll ups. I just feel like lasagna is such a rich selection . . and when you add wine . . well.


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          • Buahahaha! So… the only time of the year I’d actually offer to make you one, then!

            That’s a given.

            Lasagna is definitely cold weather food for me. It is a rich and usually hearty selection that oh yes, one must accompany with wine.


            💖 MWAH! 😘

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          • French onion soup . . with a nice chunk of bread. Sold!

            Well, you can make soup more appealing than any restaurant, so there is that. 😉

            Uh huh.

            Lasagna and wine. It used to be I would turn on the Godfather as I prepped and made the lasagna and drank the wine.

            MUAH!! 😘

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          • I make a mean French onion soup… Mmmm!

            I would definitely do my best – I do love when those I cook for enjoy it so.

            Is there any other way to prep food? Asking for a friend… I that that was the how-to.

            MWAH! 😘

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          • I’ve heard tell . . .

            And you do it so incredibly, what’s not to love?

            I do believe in making certain that the chef is kept hydrated at all times. And I find that certain elixirs work very well for this purpose.

            MUAH!! 😘


  5. Beautifully penned, Thunder. It’s not just the lovely descriptions, it’s the heart and soul you encompass herein!
    Autumn is my fave time of year. It used to be spring, but autumn has wooed me over.

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