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Consequences – Friday Fictioneers

Happy Hump Day!  As you know, we Friday Fictioneers get confused about days, so many (most) of us post on Wednesday. Whatcha gonna do but go with the crowd?  Only time I’m more of a follower…  So without further ado, let us thank Susan Eames for the use of her picture and Rochelle Wisoff(no e) Fields for hosting this party every week without fail.  Care to join? Click on the frog and add your 100-word story’s link!

©Susan Eames

Cartoon Lame Injured Frog with Crutches #55960 by Ron Leishman

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Jules!  What have you done to yourself?

Broke my ankle.

Yeah, can see that. How the heck did you manage that one?

It’s not coz I’m old and frail!

Course not.

And it couldn’t possibly be because I had my arms full of groceries and couldn’t see the step right in front of me that I missed completely.

Right. And nothing to do with being lazy and not wanting to do more than one trip from car to house, too

Right. Nothing at all to do with that!

So. How long with the boot?

Three months.

Oh joy…

…oh bliss.

146 thoughts on “Consequences – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Dear Dale,

    Oh those boots are a pain. I had to wear one and it threw me off balance at work. Had a massive bruise on my tush. Oh the pain. The pain. Love the she said, she said flow of your story. I could hear and see.

    Shalom and lotsa well-balanced hugs,


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    • Dear Rochelle,

      I am glad I can only imagine and have no desire whatsoever of experiencing it. And oh! Not fun at all! Glad you could hear us. It’s always my goal.

      Shalom and lotsa painless love,


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  2. Q

    Oh my goodness, here’s hoping Jules has a quicker than expected recovery. And that next time she either orders her groceries online or takes the patient approach and brings in a couple bags at a time!

    Said by someone who tries carrying them all in at once . . .

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  3. Love this one Dale – Great dialogue! and rings so true!

    And as to 3 months in ‘the boot’. Ugh!

    Let’s just say… you do eventually learn how to put everything into a laundry basket to which you’ve attached a long rope so you can drag it around the house… just sayin’. 🙂

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  4. Been there, done that – luckily not breaking the foot but several serious knee injuries…. now with bad eye-sight AND not being 20 any longer (by a long stretch) I tend to be willing for that 2nd trip or even a 3rd if needed!

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  5. You sure it is for three months or is she trying to milk it a bit … 😉 But, yeah, those boots are a pain … literally and otherwise. I had an ‘ugly shoe’ a few years ago, due to bursitis in my foot (as fun as it sounds), and it TOTALLY cramped my style … 😉

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  6. Oh man, I’ve done the same thing (sans groceries). It’s always worse when the weather is…how shall I say it, colder. Not that it’s a day in the park in the summertime, but it’s so much more inconvenient in late autumn or winter. Nice accompanying prose (as well as a nice pedicure on those toesies).

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    • I cracked a bone while trying to break planks of wood in karate – the irony does not escape me.
      Another friend broke her foot requiring pins and things. Now she was laid up for six months!


  7. You couldn’t of put it better Dale. My dad always told us off for carrying too much! He always said “That’s a lazy man’s load, it’s saves no time or bumps” and he was so right 💜 I know you’ve had your Thanksgiving last month I hope it went well .. have sneaky one today 💜 💜💜

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  8. Oh gosh 3 months? That feels like an eternity. Enjoyable story Dale.
    And yes, I’m early with my posting this week. Usually don’t get to it until Friday when I’m usually the 50th post. I’m number 33 this week, so I’m ahead of the curve this time, although I’m not sure about that anymore. 🙂

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  9. I’ve been there on all of those things. I’ve had my foot in a boot for three months, a whole summer, thanks to an ankle injury. I always carry as many groceries as physically possible. I trip over lots of things I don’t see. Mostly little dogs.

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  10. OMG I do that too. Fewer trips from the car and madly carry too much in one go. Always a disaster waiting to happen. You tell the tale beautifully. Ouch three months. Well she won’t forget that lesson in a hurry.

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