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The Memories That Abide

Lisa, over at Tao Talk  is hosting (well, started yesterday) dVerse and has challenged us to use abide in a quadrille.  So I did!  Because, I can’t resist using only 44 words.

There are those memories that

bring a fond smile to your lips

They come, they go, you move on

And then there are those that abide

evoking the exact same feelings

as when you lived it

They persist,

weaving their way into your present

Couldn’t decide on which pic so put both!

84 thoughts on “The Memories That Abide

    • Thank you so much, Jan. It’s funny. Reading your comment made me think of a song by Brandi Carlile (that I would have used as a base for this had I remembered) which has a line that says: “you can only remember what you want to forget”. But then again, I prefer the positive side of memories.

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  1. Q

    I relate to this so much. There are memories to places, to songs, to seasons of the year. And no matter the time that goes by, they remain fixed to those things forever. It’s the power of the conscious and subconscious, to deliver us there in perpetuity. It’s a picture book tucked inside us, that we will always have to keep.

    So beautiful.


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  2. Oh man, does that strike a nerve. I’ve been working on a photo labeling plus stories project (mine from film years). Brings back names, faces, events, emotions. Wish I could have some do-overs. But that’s not how it works, of course – unless I can slip into one of Marc’s parallel universes where John Jr is president (and I do everything right).😉

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