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The Ties That Bind – Friday Fictioneers

Late in the day but hey. We do what we can!  It’s Wednesday so time for Friday Fictioneers!  Today’s photo is brought to us by C.E.Ayr. As always, Rochelle is holding this motley crew together.  If you want to play along, just click on the frog below and add your link to your 100-word story.


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Friends forever! This string bracelet represents our friendship. I know it’s not much but it’ll do for now.  We’ll change it.  It’s a great idea, right?  Nothing can break us apart. No mean girls, no parents, no boyfriends.  We’ll always be there for each other.  Can’t you just picture us?  Two old ladies sitting on a porch still laughing and having pots of tea?

We chose to keep the string. I can hear that conversation like it was yesterday. I really did believe we would be those two old ladies one day.

I’ll never know what happened to end it.

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  1. Some friendships change – or end, or shift – for reasons we will never know fully. But it may still matter that the friendship WAS, and that it made memories. I’m sorry for the abrupt cut of ties and for the unknown. Something tells me she may well still be with you, someplace, in memory and in soul. XX Na’ama

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  2. Dear Dale,

    I feel the pain in this one. I can think of two relationships with girlfriends that ended mysteriously. Nothing said. One day we’re the best of friends, the next day I wondered what happened. What I’d done to offend. I’m sorry it ended the way it did for you. In any event you wrote it well.

    Shalom and lotsa enduring friendship hugs,


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    • Dear Rochelle,

      There is definitely an unfinished business to this. And the worst part is we assume it’s something we’ve done when it might be nothing at all. Glad you thought so.

      Shalom and lotsa friendly love,



  3. Good story on a sad topic. I’ve had a few friendships end, where our paths in life diverged too much to be able to hold on. Sorry you’re still wondering what happened with you and your friend, Dale.

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  4. That was a lovely bitter-sweet story that touched me deeply, Dale. I had a friend like that, we always kept in touch wherever I was in the world. Then the communications became fewer, more stilted. Concerned, I rang her, but she was stilted, polite but remote. I stopped writing, she never contacted me and after a couple of years I heard she died. At her funeral I learned she’d developed Altzheimers and her husband couldn’t bring himself to make that public outside of the immediate family. Mixed feelings on that one, I can tell you. So your story had special meaning for me.

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    • Kind of like me and Roxanne. Only we did get together, I didn’t ask the why of her distance, thinking it more important to break the ice and catch up and then she died. Even her family, who knew how close we had been, couldn’t understand. Sorry you had a similar thing. Though, like with another friend who died of cancer, we think we are part of the core friends and would be in that inner circle and would be part of that something they are going through.


  5. That’s sad when a friendship ends. I’ve had a couple of friendships as an adult that just ended, and I’m not sure why. But I like what Naama said above about the importance of knowing that it was. How said though that your friend died so young.

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  6. So many friendships from school and university and various jobs, that you think will last forever, but how many really last a full lifetime. It seems to be human nature to drift away from people and move on.

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  7. Q

    That is a melancholy thought, that friendships are like any other relationship. Somehow, we tend to imagine they’re different, and as such will last. But the truth of the matter is they’re like any other relationship. Different dynamics, of course, but the same basic principles apply to them.

    Sad tale, but at least you have many peeps you still are connected to from back in the day. So unlike many of use, you have a solid tether to your past. It’s something to be grateful for, as I know you are.


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  8. Bittersweet ending there. I suspected you might go that way when I first started reading. I guess the third option would have been mortal enemies and the two were trying to kill each other…

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    • I originally planned to go the best friends forever until a new girl comes ’round and drops her, so she throws the bracelet to the floor…
      Am I predictable, then? 😉


    • Thank you, David. Yes, it was a sad ending. We can’t help but have expectations with certain relationships and that does not often turn out that well, does it? Glad you liked!

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  9. Introspective thoughts, dear Dale. ⚡️💥
    Thing is, the ends of the string needed to be fused together.
    What you have here is a broken infinity, where one end is unconnected to the other.
    What I have just stated is an impossible situation.
    Such is life!
    Great thinking piece here!

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