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You Coming? – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #108

Crispina’s challenge had me going through my photos again.  (I think she does it on purpose, now.)  How to choose but one?  I did manage.  My old Zeke is 11 years old and things are a lot different now.  Two years ago we could do much more. One must respect an elder’s pace.

From the first walk we took

where distance mattered not

you would run ahead to explore

but stop when you felt you were too far

You coming?

and wait patiently for me to catch up

only to take off again when you were assured


You are now an old man with sore joints

and your steps are limited

I have to make sure that I slow down

that we stray not too far so that you

have the energy to make it back

You coming?

Now, it is I who waits for you


86 thoughts on “You Coming? – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #108

  1. Q

    The old boy still has kick. It’s just harder to get that kick going now than it used to be. And of course, the kick is followed by an extra long nap in order to regain all the energy he lost in kicking it up in the first place. But hey, it still counts.

    He might be an old boy but he’s still a good boy. And always will be.


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  2. Dear Dale,

    This one sent a lump to my throat. And your picture is perfect. It’s hard to watch our furry companions age because they do it so much faster than we do. Running for the tissues.

    Shalom and lotsa sentimental hugs,


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  3. I love Zeke, but I never met him.
    I laugh about him waiting for you to catch up.
    You might think you are now waiting for him. Not. He’s still waiting for you.
    It’s a different game, on a different plane.
    I love Zeke.

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