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December, We Reminisce

Lilian is hosting prosery Monday on dVerse – yeah, yeah, it’s Tuesday.  We are to use the phrase:  “Reading what I have just written, I now believe”. December, no matter how much I try, gets rather consumed with memories. I figure it’s not worth fighting with them.

It’s December, we reminisce.

Dear Mick,

In ten days you would have been 57. And three days after that, it’ll be six years since you took your leave. I don’t want to say where does the time go, but, bloody hell, where? Your light shone so damn bright, you’ve left a glow within everyone who met you. I wonder if you ever realised what power you had?  Why friends of yours, family of mine, acquaintances met along your path always, ALWAYS bring you up at some point in our “How are you? Great to see you. What’s new?” conversations. We all fell under your spell and miss you.

Lotsa love, Rog

Reading what I have just written, I now believe that it’s okay to allow myself a moment to miss him, that it doesn’t mean I’m stuck in the past and life is still beautiful.

108 thoughts on “December, We Reminisce

  1. Of course your right, some people are Stella, your Mick was one. Good grief even I feel I knew him having read what you have written over the years. I really feel it’s good and healthy to remeniss. Be proud of it Dale. …By the way that’s a lovely letter you just wrote Mick. 💜💜💜

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  2. An absolutely beautiful and heartfelt write. So many of us, me included, sing our way through this Christmas season with favorite carols and music, decorating our tree, writing cards, looking back on fun memories, watching favorite Christmas movies, and we forget that this season can be incredible har d for others. Loss of a loved one comes back to haunt during the times we remember having the most joy with that person. Reminiscing versus ruminating is perhaps the key. But that is very easy to rationally say. For matters of the heart, the line between those two often is blurred. Is the photo this wonderful man whose life was taken too soon? His smile tells everything I need to know about him….a good man.
    Thank you for posting.

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    • Thank you so much, Lillian. I sing, too… but it comes with those moments. Reminiscing is definitely better than ruminating! Yes, this is Mick. He was a good man. A very loved man.


  3. We NEVER stop missing the ones we love. And they never stop being with us. I believe that with all my heart. It has been eleven years since I lost my husband. But, he’s still here cheering me on from beyond the veil. Hugs!

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  4. Dear Dale, Who he was, and who he was for you, makes life beautiful. It is not being stuck in the past to honor it. And him. It is about accepting all of what your history and life is, especially as sit pertained to him and the memories he wrote in you. These are all part of life, are they not? I know he’s looking down at you and smiles in his Mick way, and may be asking – though he knows – “what’s new” and telling you, he loves you, too.
    Hugs to you, my friend, during tender and cherished and tricky times. Na’ama

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  5. Dear Thunder!
    Miss him, love him, reminisce, adore, share and more! No need to deny a beautiful, major part of your life.
    Cripes, I never met him, and I really like him!
    You go!!!!!

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  6. I don’t think we would be close friends if you weren’t you. And the way you still love, and continue to honor Mick tells me so much about you as a human, lover, wife, and many other roles we play in life. ❤

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  7. You honor him beautifully and with such honesty. I always think of the grace you show. I’m not sure I would be as graceful. And I always hold you in my good thoughts and prayers. I’m hoping that he’s nudging another wonderful man towards you. I know no one will ever take his place. But it sure is nice to have company for this ride.

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  8. Thank you for the post Dale. December is normally a happy and joyous month. But since six years ago, it also brings sadness. I think of Mick often but never more than the month of December. I know he misses you, your family, and his friends. I also feel in my heart that he is happy with the life he lived and he would not have traded a second of it. We shall all meet again one day. Big hug to you.

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    • Thanks, Paul. I love that you come by when I do a “Mick” post. Six years – isn’t it nuts? He does take over in December (more than the rest of the year). I do not doubt that he had zero regrets – maybe healthwise a little 🙂
      Big hug right back! xoxo


  9. Dale,

    You are most certainly not stuck in the past when it comes to Mick. You are moved in the daily reminders that he bestows on you. On the knowing ways that he still brings to the proceedings, without having to say a word. You are inspired by that light he shined on you and every person who came into his life. And it will always be so.

    That his gift remains, is beautiful. And so is this piece.


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