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Who Are We To Judge? – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #111

Why not?  It’s not like I have last minute shopping, wrapping, cooking, showering… Oh dear!  Off I go!  Thank you Crispina for your weekly challenge of fun, fun, fun!

Would you look at him up there, lording it over everyone with that pose!

He really doesn’t have to show off in that manner.

Who does he think he is, anyway?

Heard tell he worked bloody hard to get up there.  I think we shouldn’t judge.

Yeah maybe.  But he’s alone.

Maybe that’s how he wants it.

If you say so.  What about that poor bugger. What’s up with his story?  Riches to rags?

Nah, he’s low maintenance Doesn’t require much.

Not too good at choosing his perch, obviously. It’s awfully wobbly.

Maybe he likes adventure. Who are we to judge?

What about us?  We’ve done all right, don’t you think?

Absolutely.  It’s nice to be happy with what you have, yes?

Yes.  But would it hurt you to turn around when you talk to me, though?

Oh. Sorry, Mate.

That’s okay. Go back to sleep. I won’t judge your lack of manners.


95 thoughts on “Who Are We To Judge? – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #111

  1. You can’t judge silly Cormorants by their silly postures or silly choices of perches. Rude Pelicans? That’s another story. I think. Excellent photos and fun dialog. We have silly Cormorants among us in the summer. I’ve never seen a pelican, let alone a rude pelican, up this way.

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  2. Brilliant, Dale. Fantastic. Big grins. See, I knew you’d find something.
    And Happy Christmas. I was going to email this evening but I don’t know if I’ll get the rime. Life, don’t talk to me about life. So damned hectic! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  3. How sweet!
    The birds can teach us much, when you translate their bird language.
    So, where did you learn this other dimension language?
    This makes you, trilingual? ⚡️💥

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  4. Q

    Those two have a front pier view of the neighborhood, so I imagine this is their form of Twitter. And let’s face it, if it’s only the two of them, nobody else is being subjected to their scary opinions of the world. Which just so happen to be spot on when it comes to that first fella. I mean . . the hubris of that guy!


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  5. I saw a lot of these birds a few years back when we visited Florida. I also had a sneaky feeling they could be very picky about eachother!
    Have a wonderful Christmas my friend 💜💜


  6. Dear Dale,

    I have to say it. This story is for the birds. 😉 And a lot of fun with a great message to us birdbrained humans. Merry Christmas, my friend!

    Shalom and lotsa Yuletide hugs,



          • I’d like to complain, but really have nothing to complain about. If this pandemic has taught me, us, we as a nation, most are resilient, those who are not deny the whole thing and cause dissent. I avoid them, the anti-masker, the Church of God (cult), etc, etc, etc.

            Am busy with work, busy with reno jobs around the castle, I really don’t have any spare time. I was in Nova Scotia for 10 days in October quarantined at my property. Which was not a big ordeal at all, as I had plenty of jobs around there to complete. Come the first of January I have three months to go before retiring. Then its sell the Ontario home and move east permanently.

            How are you holding up? Other than the hair, you seem to fairing well.

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          • Complaining serves no purpose anyway. We are very resilient and I’m with you – I avoid all confrontation with the ne’er-do-wells, most especially those using the church as a reason to be eejits.

            I was wondering if you’d made it down to Nova Scotia and how cool you’ve but three months before retiring and will move there permanently… I am SO ready to retire – mentally, anyway.

            What’s wrong with the hair? Doesn’t seem to be holding up? I’m good. Started a new job on November 23rd – one which I feel I shall be able to, not only stand but enjoy, for the next nine years… until I can take my retirement 😉


          • Was it your dream job? I am glad you’ve found something, it sounds like your happy.

            I’ve been a designer for 35 years to the same corporation. The challenge is what kept me there and the money. The challenge has long gone, due to hard work. It is now time to bring back all those creative juice put on hold for 35 years. Get the magic back in the soul. Hooo hah !!!

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          • Oh no. Definitely not my dream job. But one that will do for the next few years. The job itself is nothing to write home about (yet) but the coworkers and the atmosphere are great. And that, to me, is what’s most important at this point.

            Wow. I’ve never stayed in a job longer than 6.5 years. I kinda wish I had found something that I would have at least liked enough to stick around and collect a pension afterwards. A few of my friends did so and are also retiring this January, or have a few months ago or will in a a few months from now. Sigh. The choices we make.

            Funny… as a designer you feel your creative juices have been put on hold. Ironic, to say the least. And hopefully we’ll be able to see some of those creative results!


          • Designer – it’s all about the money honey.

            Creativity, I was born that way.

            As job length, whatever gets you through the night.

            There am don ripping of songs.

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