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The Rushmore Thing – A Surprise Result

When Marc and I talked about doing our Mount Rushmore of musicians, I had no idea what that would mean.  I thought, easy-peasy, choose four chicks and voilà.  Joni and Dolly were quickly selected.  But who would get the other two slots?  And so began my research because I realised that I had no friggen clue.  I also realised that most of my favourite singers are men.  Well hell.  I shoulda turned the tables on Marc and said you do women and I’ll do men! He he he… that sounds wrong but right, right?

Since I was not deadset on anyone, I had to do some serious research.  Limiting ourselves to those within the last fifty years helped some.  I Googled “Women songwriters of influence” or “Women singers who write their own songs”, etc.  I was rather pleased that my two original ladies made every list.  So did Carole King and Madonna and a few others.

Full disclosure:  Not a fan of Carole King!  Well no, that’s not the right thing to say.  Not anymore.  As I did my research, I came to realise just how much I already did know and enjoy her work and enjoy pretty much all her songs – the ones she sings or sung by others.

As for Madonna, I surprised myself by finally adding her.  Research again said I had to.  We know how much she has influenced the next generation of women singers. Her ability to entertain is without question.  She has been innovative and pushed the limits.  And I hadn’t realised that she had a part in the writing of most of her songs – no, she’s no Joni Mitchell or Carole King but I could not dismiss her.

There were wonderful side-effects to this project.  There were great discussions in the comment sections.  Since I share my posts on Facebook, more discussions took place there.  Some even got their own Rushmores going.  How cool is that?

A fellow blogger, Trent McDonald, from Trent’s World, decided to do his own Mount Rushmore of Female Musical Artists. And what an eclectic mix!  Do check it out here.

Marc was further inspired.  His posts on Freddie, Bowie and MJ were all fabulous.  But then he did a series of side posts, each one more wonderful than the next.  His What If? post looked at what could have happened if John Lennon had NOT been shot that fateful night.

Next, he was inspired to create a delicious sandwich and name it the Rushmore.  All I know is I want one!

Following his fabulous post on Prince, Marc wrote a fictional story Raspberry Beret – inspired by the song but giving us the woman’s side of the story.  Delicious.

I hope he gets further inspired… hint, hint, Marco!

I’m also thinking that I shall be further inspired in the near future …

76 thoughts on “The Rushmore Thing – A Surprise Result

  1. I’ve followed this project on and off and have realised just how limited it is. Limiting it to four persons is the first difficulty and then it would appear that it is limited to North American popular artists….. where was , say, Miriam Makeba? I just thought of Ivy Benson, as the BBC suggested… girl power before (long before) The Spice Girls. Nadia Boulanger? And for the suffragettes, Ethyl Smythe? Not forgetting Clara and Fanny(Schumann and Mendlessohn)… good to see that your friend Trent had Ella a t the top of his list..I have avoided even thinking about the great jazz and Blues singers , apart from Ella.

    I see a problem here: just think of the environmental damage that would be done if we tried to put such a project into practice so that it actually represented the wide range of influential female musicians

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    • Well, my dear David,

      It was not limited to North America at all, I came thisclose to including Kate Bush.

      I’m sure you also noted our “rules”, limiting ourselves to the past 50 years (sorry, Clara and Fanny), only original song writers (sorry, Ella).

      And I appreciate your participation – that was the point of this. To have fun and get others to think of their Mount. There are no wrong choices.


    • Dear Rochelle,

      Yanno, I could not agree more! It’s been fun to do.and exchange and I just may, at that. 😉

      Shalom and Lotsa participatory love,



  2. It was a great challenge. I didn’t see the “last 50 years” restriction. In my opinion, things like this should be 1963, an all around great year (not saying when I was born or anything 😉 ), but also what I consider the start of the modern rock and pop era. Folk Music (Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, etc. hitting the top of their form and influence, British Invasion with Beatles, Stones, Who, etc., surf music actually starting to grow up. Anyway, thanks for dropping a link to my list 🙂 I look forward to seeing what you come up with next.

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    • 1964 was an even greater year 😉.
      Artists could have been active earlier than 50 years ago but still around within. So Dylan and Baez definitely contenders. As were the Beatles – just worked out that Marc doesn’t love them enough to give them a spot – though Lennon was in his spinoff.
      I have an idea brewing…😉

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  3. I missed a couple of these, I think, and will have to go back and look. You did a wonderful job, and I think your reasoning on the choices made is very good (even though I might not be a fan of one of them, she was added with good cause). I loved the Rushmore sandwich idea, too. 🙂

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    • Thanks, Robin. I should have provided the links. Maybe I’ll go back and do so now.
      And even my choices were not necessarily my faves 😉 That sandwich looked and sounded like the bomb!


  4. You can never have too much fun. Thanks for funky tune. While I’m torn about continuing more Rushmore faces, will they be as special as the initial ones. Part of their allure is while there are terrific and super talented artists from both gender camps, perhaps what sets them apart is only a certain number can be carved on Rushmore. Then again…after this year, I’m all in favor of inspirational and talented.

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  5. Q

    Muchisimas gracias for all the wonderful love you’ve given me in this post. And yes, why not keep going with it? Music teaches us to color outside the lines, after all. So let’s do just that, and see where it leads to. Mebe even another challenge . . .

    MUAH! to a fab partner in rhyme.


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  6. Most of my most cherished singers are female so I would have had a hard time choosing for Mount Rushmore. You nailed it with Joni, for sure! A true artist, in every sense. Thanks for this interesting series, which I’m finally able to savour, post-Covid! 🎧

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  7. OMG! I recognize that song!!!!
    I really like the fart effect in the track.
    Too bad there’s no Mt Fartmore!
    I’m going. to check out what Trent did, then catch up on Marc’s blog! ⚡️💥

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