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Weekend Writing Prompt #189 – Troglodyte

A word prompt to get your creativity flowing this weekend. How you use the prompt is up to you. Write a piece of flash fiction, a poem, a chapter for your novel…anything you like. Or take the challenge below – there are no prizes – it’s not a competition but rather a fun writing exercise. If you want to share what you come up with, please leave a link to it in the comments. Thanks for hosting, Sammi!


What Charm in This?

What has happened to society? More specifically, to dating in the era of a society ruled by social media. A familiarity bred from the ability to hide behind a smartphone has brought out the bluster and bullshit and texted away the charm of good manners.

Men (and women, I’ve no doubt) have given themselves permission to probe and question in an inappropriate manner, sans offering a coffee or even a voice chat first, behaving like troglodytes in hundred-dollar jeans.

Prehistoric cavemen were only trying to survive in dangerous times. Today’s think they’re clever and avant-garde.


101 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Prompt #189 – Troglodyte

  1. Dear Dale,

    Shaking my head and rolling my eyes. Sadly true commentary on what we’ve become through the miracle of social media. Social being the oxymoron here since so many have no social filter. Well said. Such a piece is good any time.

    Shalom and lotsa appropriate hugs,


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    • Dear Rochelle,

      So many good things have come out of social media… Unfortunately, this has also. And yes, social is an oxymoron in this case, isn’t it? I thank you,

      Shalom and lotsa socially appropriate love,



  2. “…behaving like troglodytes in hundred-dollar jeans.” I love that line. Speaking of Troglodytes look up Loquillo y Los Trogladitas on YouTube. We saw Loquillo several times in concert when we lived in Spain. Loquillo is the Spaniards name for Woody Woodpecker.

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    • I met my husband in ’95 on a dating site – over the phone – which is why I was willing to try this. And while I’ve met a few truly stellar men and am still friends with them, the troglodytes are way too numerous.

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  3. This is a good story about the current lack of respect that both men & women have towards each other. Although there are many reasons for this, I believe it is mostly the anti-social media that has caused it. People find it so easy to disrespect, trash people and bully them because they don’t have to see them in person, or answer face to face. There are a great many wonderful people on line, but, unfortunately to many troglodytes.


  4. I have a girl friend who’s 50, and has been single for 9 years. Yesterday she was telling that she’s ready to date to find someone. I told her about some of the examples you shared. She decided she’s not touching dating websites or apps.

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          • I raised my kids with certain principles. It was a struggle but at times was like turning lambs out into the world of wolves. There was a lot of coaching on “how to handle asshats.” The youngest still won’t put up with crap from boys and gives them their walking papers when they decide to start handing it out. Several have come and gone and it usually came down to the boy getting all huffy that the “little woman” is unwilling to drop everything to jump on his agenda. In Eternal Road that lesson was clear when Sam refused to join James in his eternal home. They have all stuck to their guns and I’m very proud of them. BTW women are too precious and lovely to treat in any way but with grace. That would be the lesson. Thanks for letting me pontificate, Dale.😊

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          • What a wonderful response, John. You did very well, I’ve no doubt. And yes, how sad that we have to teach our daughters how to handle asshats while trying to teach our sons NOT to be asshats. (I say ‘we’ generically, as parents).
            And kudos to your girls for not putting up with behaviour such as this. And yes, I did love that Sam stuck to her guns (even while kinda wishing they’d stay together 😉 )
            Any time you wanna pontificate, you be my guest. You do so graciously.
            And of course, that is how you treat women. 🙂

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  5. Social media may be to blame, but there are other factors. Men did used to respect and see the need to protect women. My Uncle Steve talked of a time when men would never swear around women. But the feminist movement wanted equal treatment — women wanted the right to work, sweat, smoke and swear just like men. In fact, Some women would be insulted if a man acted like he should protect them. I’ve read where some men were scolded or even sworn at when they held a door open for a woman. We just can’t have it both ways.

    And you’re right on with your comment. Respect for men has gone down the toilet, too. Leader bashing, sneering at authority, and man-bashing have become popular activities. Demanding respect and yet showing none in return doesn’t work.

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    • I havw to say, women’s lib should not equal disrespect form both sides. I hate that women complain about having a door held. Dammit. I hold doors and appreciate when doors are held.
      Respect should go both ways. It has become complicated around certain peeps.

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  6. Q

    BRAVA sister! This is perfectly put in 95 words, and it speaks to what the world of love and romance amounts to in too many instances. But far from all, and this is a very good thing. Technology, in many cases, is and has and will continue to be used for good. To those who take the sleazy way out, I say fuck em (not literally). They’re going to peddle their tainted goods in their bubble lives and we can all just ignore em.


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    • B,

      Grazie! Love and romance is definitely not what these bums have in mind. On the plus sign, if they show their true colours, a lot less time is wasted… Like pretty much anything, technology can definitely be used for good… it’s up to us, the users. And yes… let ’em peddle their excrement elsewhere.


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      • I mean, it would be frightening if it wasn’t hilariously pathetic that their best idea is to send a dick pic. THAT is not a move, fellas. And no, it’s not old fashioned to say so. It’s ADDult to say so. What a joke. Bums . . that’s what they are.

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        • It is honestly pathetic. I took pleasure in letting the owners of the dick picks know that once they send me that head, I don’t want to meet the one on the shoulders…
          Oh? You sent it… too bad so sad, Dick!

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  8. Excellent Dale… not only enjoyed your take on Troglodyte, but so enjoyed reading the comments here too..
    Happy New Year Dale… and hope the New Year brings peace and harmony unity and friendship, love and blessings… So happy you dropped by Dale… Take care…. Hugs Sue 🙂 💛🙏🥂✨

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  9. excellent, comme d’hab’, Miss Dale! btw, je n’ai pas de “téléphone intelligent”(smart phone!), just a desk top… c’est grave, suis-je “normale”??? 🙂
    * * *
    je te souhaite un 2021 optimiste, serein, plein d’amour!!! ❤ stay healthy and safe, young lady!

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    • Merci, Miss Mélanie! Good for you. Tu n’es tellement pas normale 😉 et tant mieux pour toi.

      Et à toi et tes proches. A nice healthy, safe, free 2021!!


  10. Etiquette – manners – kindness – chivalry —- it all may have to be relearned by some. Stay cheerful and forget the unmannered – not worth your time. And certainly unworthy of beautiful, wonderful YOU. To meeting “good” people in 2021. xo

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    • Oh, it definitely has to be taught! I will always stay cheerful (even when I have a rant-like little post 😉 ) And no, definitely not worth my time and you are so very lovely to say so.
      Cheers to being surrounded by good people! xoxo

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