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Cello Him Home – Friday Fictioneers

Welcome to Wednesday evening. I could not very well NOT participate this week as this is my own photo, right? Thank you, Rochelle, for enjoying my photos enough to reproduce them in paint and to use for Friday Fictioneers. I’m truly honoured. This photo was written about here, so I had to think up something else. I was inspired by a favourite movie of mine…

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Cello Him Home

Marcy leaned over from the edge of her seat, resting her arms on the railing. She loved the buzz of the the theatre filling with patrons and it thrilled her to imagine how it would feel should she be the artist all were there to watch.

She was Lyla Novacek, playing her Adagio-Moderato from Edward Elgar’s Cello Concerto in E Minor, convinced it would bring her long-lost son back into her arms. She was so into the beautiful music she nearly jumped out of her skin when the announcement boomed over the speakers:

“Bonsoir! Bienvenue au show de Francis Cabrel!”

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  1. Ah, the cello!!! I absolutely love it when I get a chance to hear it. Story time …

    Around ten years ago, we took the kids to Disneyland, along with my cousin’s daughter. After a day of wandering through the amusement park, we went to Downtown Disneyland for dinner. Afterwards, while the rest went into the Disney shop, I walked around. I just needed a break from the noise and the crowds. Every evening they have different musical acts scattered around Downtown Disneyland. I found Oak & Gorski there. One playing the guitar, the other the cello. I sat down, rested my feet, and just absolutely enjoyed their music until the rest of my group was done.

    I love the cello.

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    • I absolutely love the cello. If I were to take up a musical instrument, that would be it.

      I loved the Downtown Disney (in Florida) where we had the chance to enjoy a guitarist. I would definitely have done like you and settled in and just immersed myself in the cello. So very good.


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  2. Ah, how wonderful, Dale… so beautiful!
    ps I clicked to listen to the video and after the song, I thought the video was interrupted by a Turkish soap opera… but it was actually R.Williams speaking Turkish!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

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    • Oh my goodness! I just realised that I put the wrong link! LOL… I changed it to the English version. Apparently, it was Turkish!
      I love the cello, too.


  3. Over here we cannot understand how any one can treat a great piece of music in such a way.

    That takes nothing away from the young woman’s playing at all nor form the beauty of the cello. I employed cellists in bands years ago, playing traditional music alongside various instruments including synthesisers but this seems sacrilegious……

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    • Glad my invitation worked πŸ˜‰ You are one of the few people I know to have seen and loved this movie as much as I do. And thank you. Glad you liked my little 100 words.


  4. Well, I clicked on the link and saw a Young woman in a white dress walk onto a stage and start playing the Elgar… great… then some “pop” song started… IMO it was awful… I showed herself and she was nearly in tears…..

    Now we have a link to du Pre and Barbirolli it makes more sense….though why Francis Cabrel I cannot work out!.. That’s another matter.

    I do not know who it was but I heard a story that a muso walked into Coventry Cathedral and a friend told him to sit down and listen to history in the making. Barbirolli, du Pre and the LSO were rehearsing……what an experience that must have been…. they certainly set the bar very high…. I regret never having seen her perform. (at least two copies on my record shelf… along with plenty of other Barbirolli)…. there is another recording with Barenboim and the London Phil…there is a video on You tube plus one of them playing the Dvorak….
    Isserlis’ reading of the Elgar is pretty damn good too. Another of my favourite cellists is Janos Starker… find his Mercury recordings of the Bach Suites… sublime. (And beautifully recorded by

    As for my talking about using Cellists… That goes back some considerable time and I was trying to show that I can understand musicians using Cellos in other genres of music……

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    • Poor David! This is a snippet from a very lovely movie called August Rush. They slip to the other guy to show that while she is playing a concert in Central Park, he is playing in a club. Long story short, she gave birth following a one-night of love, had an accident and was told her baby died but her father put him up for adoption. He is on a quest to find his parents – both of whom are playing in their respective venues.

      The Francis Cabrel is because the MC of my story is waiting to see him when she starts daydreaming of being a cellist. So much for my story-telling skills.

      And I put the link to the piece so it could be heard played by a fabulous cellist.


  5. Dear Dale,

    The music is enchanting and the fact that the MC is transported elsewhere makes me love her. There’s a lot of story left untold. Perhaps this is one you should pursue in a longer piece. And you know how much I love strings. Violin’s my favorite, but, of course there’s always room for cello. ❀

    Shalom and lotsa melodious hugs,


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    • Dear Rochelle,

      Rather a relief to read your comment right now. And yes, it does leave a huge gap to fill, doesn’t it? Who knows? Mayhaps it could happen. I will take cello over violin any day, though, like you, I love strings.

      Shalom and lotsa love in a quartet,



  6. It’s said that the cello creates the closest sound to the human voice. I think that’s why I love it so much. One day, her dream will become reality, at least I’d like to think so. A delightfully different piece Dale.

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    • Oooohhh that would explain my absolute love of it. It is my favourite instrument, hands down. Maybe. I think if I were to learn an instrument, it would be that one. So glad you were delighted, Keith!

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  7. A cello worthy tale! (said the amateur cello player). Have been neglecting your offerings lately due to other commitments. Try to be back more now and in the future.
    Cello playing to me is the ultimate musical joy. As a kid, having a cello was so absolutely out of the question that I settled greedily for the violine. But having had no money, a DIY friend of my dad made me my first ‘instrument’ and until I could buy my first own violine from my 1st salary (from a music shop closing down after the owner died in his eighties), it was that ‘log’ for me. The violin I bought was dirt cheap (some 300 CHF) as it had been sleeping in the loft of the shop for many years. It was quite dirty but had a beautiful, slightly sad and warm sound. I cleaned it over a long time and slowly, slowly I brought out its warm and sensual voice once more. The bow I played with and which a friend bought for me in Germany was, at that time, 5-6x more expensive and if you imagine that mismatching set, it makes you gag. But it was fine and I played it right until I bought my first cello at the age of 50! Cello music is so incredibly sensuous, its tone goes right through your body, it’s hard to imagine something better than that.
    There, my own cello story – on your blog!

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    • Oh Kiki! What a wonderful share. Thank you so much! That violin must have a special place in your home, yes? And, of COURSE you play the cello. Why am I not surprised?
      I find it very sensuous as well… So very happy you shared your story! xoxo

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  8. This is fabulous!!!
    I love the photo and I adore what you did with this!
    Funny how the ‘buzz’ was also something that I felt from this photo (prior to reading yours) when I wrote mine.
    LOVE THIS! (and I love good cello music!)


  9. I saw Elgar once, one night when I was drunk on my balcony in Worcester, when we first moved into the city. Apparently our flats were built in the garden where Elgar apparently one stayed, and after the pubs shut I was enjoying a cig outside and saw a grey haired man on a bench in the garden underneath the cypress tree. Good piece Dale, cracking photo too.


  10. Lovely post and video. I’m a huge fan of classical music and Bach happens to be my favorite composer. Next to the piano and violin, the cello is a beautiful instrument which evokes such emotions. And great photo for the prompt πŸ™‚

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  11. I got the story….it was just the link that got to me… Never heard of the film… mind you the last film I saw in a cinema was The Pianist and the one before that Dances with Wolves….

    Have to say that the whole ting sent me on a search and I found a set of 45rpm LPs of the Starker Bach suites to add to my collection….

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  12. Q,

    I have a friend who used to play the Cello and I find it impossible to believe she no longer plays it, like ever. To me it’s a mystical instrument that seems to align with the stars, but maybe it’s because I don’t have a knack for playing an instrument. Maybe if I did, I too would get tired of it. But I doubt it . . . .

    Beautiful piece and the perfect example of what this magnificent creation feels like.


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  13. I love the way your MC listens to the music in her imagination. I find it’s actually quite hard to do that; you have to know the piece very well indeed – almost as well as the performer. I didn’t know the singer whose concert she was actually attending, so I looked him up. Quite interesting songs, I thought. Great story with plenty to think about and imagine.

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    • Thank you Penny! I imagine she knows this particular piece rather well – even if it’s just from having heard it many times.
      How lovely you looked up Francis Cabrel! I love his music. Since I had written about this particular concert (link in the intro), I had to go somewhere else!
      Glad my story gave you plenty to think about and imagine πŸ™‚


  14. Classical music is my go to now-a-days. It’s intriguing to sort out the instruments while listening. Cello can be heard clearly. It’s a compelling sound.
    I enjoyed this story so much, Dale. It felt very real about her desires to have her son in her arms again. Powerful chills in that line as Tannille above has quoted from your story.
    Be Safe 😷 … Isadora 😎

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  15. First, I have to comment on the photo. What a perfect moment. I can imagine the tiny dust particles dancing in the rays as the music captures the soul. So perfect. Now the piΓ¨ce de rΓ©sistance, the story. You captured that special moment one feels when entering a theater rich in history. You can feel the energy of the patrons, the nerve of the performers, and yes, dream of being under those lights if only…

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