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I Know the Way

Somehow found me some mojo to participate in dVerse Quadrille (okay, okay, I admit, it is my favourite of the dVerse challenges).  And I couldn’t help but hear Rafiki from The Lion King say:  “You Follow Old Rafiki, He knows de way”… That was it. Had to use it! Sorta kinda.  Lisa from Tao Talk has challenged us to use the word “Way”…

Follow me!  I know the way

The way to where?

To where you are going!

How do you know?

You told me

I said nothing!

I heard you

I am going crazy

No, you’re not.  Lead the way

But you said…

I know – Go.

73 thoughts on “I Know the Way

  1. It’s interesting how we always know the way to somewhere, anywhere, nowhere. That’s why we never get lost. Wonderful snowy photo.

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  2. I often have funny conversations with myself, too. Usually while intoxicated. Why do I have the feeling that you have such self-conversations even without the drink…

    You make me laugh, Dale. I appreciate that on an early morning.

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    • Haha! Not saying I don’t have them when intoxicated 😉 But you are correct. I keep myself company on my daily solitary walks 😏

      So glad I do, Trent! Have a splendid day!

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  3. Q

    This feels like me when I have entire conversations with myself. That’s not the worst part, of course. It’s when I respond . . audibly. Which I can get away with if I have my Bluetooth earbuds in since everybody has those now. It allows me to escape detection and not be seen as the mental patient that I am.

    Nice application of the challange!


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