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Nudges – Friday Fictioneers

Another silly one from me for Friday Fictioneers. Nudging the muse doesn’t always bring literary genius but step by step, right?  Thank you, Rochelle, for finding a way to always be there every Wednesday.  And thank you to Marie Gail Stratford for the use of your photo.  If you want to read more inspired stories, click on the frog.  Better yet, add your own 🙂

©Marie Gail Stratford

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Want me to put your water bottle in the fridge?

No, leave it there please.

But you have one on the table, too.

Yes, and there are more.

Dude, what the hell?

I made myself a promise to drink at least eight bottles per day, as recommended.

Okay… but this is a little extreme, no?

Listen, if I see it, I drink it.  If I don’t, I completely forget.

Seems like an expensive and not very ecological solution.

I tried using glasses.  Do you know how many I’ve knocked over? And no worries, I refill these.

Whatever works for you.

93 thoughts on “Nudges – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Q

    Hey, I wouldn’t worry about the ecological implications of all those water bottles hanging around. I mean, they’re making them anyways. It seems all these eco-peeps are getting their water from someplace other than a waterfall. 😉

    Water does a body good. It has helped me keep my complexion for this long. 😉


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    • Oh. This is fictional. First off, I hate Dasani watee and I don’t believe in these plastic bottles anyway. I do have a glass with me at all times…. Just too often it’s empty! 😏

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  2. I fill my reusable 1 ltr water bottle every morning. By night, it’s empty. I don’t think about it anymore. It just ‘is’.

    Love your story though — and I shuddered at the thought of all those plastic bottles until you clarified… 🙂

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    • 1 litre per day? Hmmm… Is that adequate? Represents only 4 cups 😉 Course, that’s better than many!

      And no worries… I would never! (Reiterating my clarification – and in reality, I use a glass at work and home and a refillable bottle elsewhere 😊

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  3. Delightful! And I understand about knocking over glasses. I have to take some sort of pill after every meal so I drink a large glass of water (hopefully not turned over) with them and call it my water for the day- plus the water in my coffee. i hope that counts.

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  4. Gosh, 8 bottle a day. But what size bottle? I have a bottle beside me always, and when I go out (even to shops) but I’ve no idea how many times I fill it. Less times in winter than in summer, I do know cos I’m drinking my hot drinks

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