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Last Days of January

Bitter cold

does not keep me in

though no sun

shines, at first

and grey takes over the blue

I’ll find photo ops



I’ll find for Merril

fungi for


winter scenes for Rochelle, to

bring to life with paint

Time to go

The sun’s going down

Mitts not needed

Now back on

Legs now heavy, must go. What

will tomorrow bring?

A new day

I’m off to explore

Steps to get

sights to see

No expectations, just joy

at being outside


Snowshoes, skis

lots of families

fat wheel bikes

sharing space

no lack of activities

smiles are not lacking

Golden Hour

gives a special glow

a signal

that next comes

a chance to transform the skies

with sunset’s paintbrush








82 thoughts on “Last Days of January

  1. Q

    I know it’s easy to say from my atypically warm locale, but cold is good to see. Somewhere. It seems most corners are talking about the relatively mild winters that are happening. Here we had a couple days of snow and then yesterday presented itself as if it were late April and helped to melt everything down.

    Beautiful gallery and words for this tour of the last days of January.


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  2. Lovely poem, Dale! The melody conveyed the rhythm of slogging through snow, but in a cheerful, determined way. I felt such a sense of recognition when you mentioned heavy legs–that feeling of exhaustion after all that exertion. And the chill and beautiful images interspersed is such a great presentation.

    I always find a walk in the woods with you so refreshing!

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