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Stopping Time – Friday Fictioneers

Oh my goodness!  I don’t know the last time this has happened to me.  I got inspired to write a second Friday Fictioneer story, based on Trish Nankivell’s photo!  Had to.  Click on the frogs below to join in or to add your own 100 (I clocked in at 95 on this one!) story.

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Stopping Time

Grandma!  Why do you have a lock on your toilet paper roll?  Afraid someone is going to steal it?

I’m trying to stop time!

What? You have got to be kidding!  I think you are losing it.

Oh, I’m losing it, all right.

I know you’re just kidding. You’re the most alert eighty-something I know!

Alert, I may be.  But time is going way too fast.

Not that fast, Grandma.

Trust me.  You’ll see as you get older.  Life is like a toilet paper roll.  The closer you come to the end of it, the faster it spins!


80 thoughts on “Stopping Time – Friday Fictioneers

    • I have acknowledged that she is right.
      And thank you, lovely lady… I’ll take one of those croissants, if you’ve any to spare…


  1. Dear Dale,

    I don’t think Granny’s lock on the TP roll is going to stop time. 😉 Love the philosophy of the last line. So true. Well done. Mr. Whipple couldn’t have said it any better. Thanks for two stellar stories.

    Shalom and lotsa soft squeezes,


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  2. You are “Rolling in the Deep” with toilet paper tales. Spinning the roll and “Reeling in the Years”. Another great story, Dale.

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  3. Q

    The lock on the toilet paper roll really would have come in handy back when the kids were still, well . . kids. Yeah, I think I should have bought stock in Scott because it was a small fortune invested. The profits could have gone to plumbing bills.

    As for that last line, it’s a lesson alright. Time really does get to spinning the older you get. Just so long as it doesn’t spin out of control? All good.


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    • Isn’t it, though? When you’re young, time seems endless as you get older and you have more behind than ahead it does feel like it’s spinning way too fast.
      Should I apologise? 🙂

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