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From Call to Embrace

Well here’s something I never do… combine not one, not two but three challenges into one.  Oy!  Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt #197 asked us to use the word “call” in any form, using 41 words; dVerse from a couple weeks ago, asked us to write a quadrille (44 words) using the word embrace.  Crispina’s lovely image for her CCC #199 prompted me to go looking for images for my usual matchy-matchy which sent me in the direction I went.  I figure there are many who are separated during this stupid time and it must be difficult.  Couldn’t help but bring out the romantic in me.


I call to you
You call to me
Accept this we can do


We laugh, we share
We joke around
It’s how we show we care


There comes the day
We know it will
Nothing stands in the way

No longer an eventuality
it’s now become reality

We embrace with more than
Words and stolen glances

arms around each other
heart against heart, now
beating to the same rhythm

Reaching up,
I caress your face
whisper in your ear

kiss me
je t’aime

81 thoughts on “From Call to Embrace

  1. Q

    Not one, not two . . . but three! I would call you crazy for attempting such a thing but I think . . (know) . . I would be talking to myself. Because you would’ve been too busy doing it anyway to listen.

    And good thing, that you don’t listen I mean. Because this is perfect in its beauty and pace and rhythm. From the get to the gone, and all of that dreamy in between.

    Beauty. Like you.


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