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Look at Them – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #122

It’s been a while since I’ve participated in Crispina’s challenge.  I could not resist this one!  Thanks for hosting, my friend!

Oh, look at those two!

Would you look at those two?

What? What about them?

What that Muslim couple?

Aren’t they the sweetest?

Muslim? Where did you get that idea?

Yeah, I suppose. They must be newlyweds.

Well, look. He’s ahead and she’s behind, in her place.

Awww. Remember when it was us? Side by side all lovey-dovey…

What an assumption!  I think he’s just waiting for her to catch up.

Hey, we still have our moments! Come here and let me remind you.

Right.  Now that you mention it, he kinda does look like he’s waiting for her.

Oh you… Don’t move! I’m coming!

They look like a sweet old couple to me

We’ll show those young’uns how it’s done!

I hope that’s us one day…

60 thoughts on “Look at Them – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #122

  1. ” I hope that’s us one day”
    Memories: Before we were married herself and I went to a concert with Mr and Mrs Ward (he was recently retired deputy head of my first school) The pair of them were walking along hand in hand and we asked a similar question: Wonder if that will be us one day…. 50 years later the answer is… “Yes” and it amuses youngsters like mad.

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    • That is a lovely share, David. Why am I not surprised that 50 years later you are still holding hands? It’s what I envisioned for Mick and me, too. Of course, life decided otherwise. I should hope the youngsters realise what a gift it is.

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  2. Q

    This story is just ducky. As in, birds of a feather love and play and laugh and drink and talk and all the other really great stuff . . together. Not nearly as catchy as the original saying, but yanno . . it runs the gamut. Just like those two in the capture. Young at heart . . . as old Blue Eyes used to sing it back in the day.


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