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Learning the Hard Way – Friday Fictioneers

It’s Thursday and I thought I wouldn’t play and then an idea came and well, here I am.  Friday Fictioneers, a place where you let your imagination roam where it will, but within 100 words.  Thanks to Rochelle for hosting and this week, thanks go to Liz Young for the use of her wonderful image.  If you want to join in or read other stories inspired by this photo, just click on the frogs below!

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Learning the Hard Way

I’ve always been a firm believer in learning through living.  You can give advice but let’s face it, they rarely, if ever, take it.  So you watch from the sidelines, quietly.

I was always very careful not to say or show when I didn’t like one of her boyfriends.  I just watched her disappear into the person she thought he wanted, knowing that she would eventually wake up and get out of there.  Only later, would I admit that I knew that particular relationship was doomed.

It’s hard, though. To watch them stumble.  You don’t want your kids to suffer.

133 thoughts on “Learning the Hard Way – Friday Fictioneers

    • Thank you, Neil. So glad you liked. It reminds me of the “strangling fig” trees I saw in Costa Rica. They crawl up a tree and then invade it, killing it and taking over!


  1. Great story, Dale. It’s hard for mothers especially when their children grow up. We want them to stay little for as long as possible so that we can protect them from the world but just like us, they have to live and learn–the bruises and scrapes are part of growing up.

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  2. We never know what anyone else needs, or wants. It’s amazing how many couples we don’t think go together. LOLOLOL Sometimes including our own. We really do learn from experience, not through words. I agree completely. It’s not easy, but it’s necessary.

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    • This is so true. I have had more than one scratch my head moment looking at a couple that you wonder how the hell did that happen? 🙂 And yes, words can only go so far. Until we’ve lived it, we don’t really know!


  3. I’m a believer in saying something once. The person can take it or leave it. The key is after I say my thoughts once I let it go. People need to learn on their own. Thoughtful story. Challengers of being a parent.

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  4. I guess expressing one’s disapproval up front will just make a kid even more determined…

    Maybe if a middle-aged bearded biker shows up and starts doing doughnuts in your front garden, that’s the time to put your foot down 🙂

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  5. Brilliant writing, Dale. I love this piece. It’s got all you need for a 100 words story but also the suggestion of a longer one. Disappearing into what another person apparently wants is very relatable!

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  6. Dear Dale,

    I’ve been that daughter and that mother. There’s only so much you can say or do…we all have to stumble over the gnarled roots and disentangle ourselves. (hopefully). Brilliant take on the prompt. I can always count on you to leap out of the box. 😉



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  7. Q

    As a rule I stay out of that business, unless there are signs that strike me as disturbing in one way or another. But as for the rest of it, like that tree . . Imma let them stretch and yeah, maybe get burned. And maybe soar. You hope for the latter of course, but life works the way it works.


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  8. That is very true… even if they’re only your godchildren. It’s hard to watch them make decisions that you know from experience are not the wisest. Sometimes, those decisions just can’t be reversed, or the consequences changed. Sigh… sorry, this story just reminded me.

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  9. It is truly difficult to watch our kids stumble then fight their way back up again. We are only permitted to say so much before we cross that invisible line that sometimes moves. I struggle especially with my daughter, saying too much. I suppose it’s good enough for them to know we are there when they most need us. Lovely and thought-provoking slice of life, Dale.

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  10. That last line! Hard to watch them stumble – oh how I agree. Three of my four kids were fortunate in their choice of spouse, so I only had to see one of them fall. One of my reasons for returning to the UK was to catch her.

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  11. Is it wrong that I was expecting bodies to turn up instead of an introspective piece?
    We can only give advice and the rest is up to them. Mistakes are a great learning experience, all we can do is to cushion their fall.

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  12. That’s the thing about us when we’re young, we always know best. There’s no way an old person can know how it feels to be young just because they’ve been there before and been through it all. I know better, and I’ll do it better. If only we were wise enough to listen to our elders before we were them. It’s an endless cycle.

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