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Home Sweet Homes – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #125

When I saw Crispina’s choice of photo for her challenge, I immediately thought of one I had shared very recently. Of course I needs must…

Home Sweet Homes

Oh, I just love your place!  It is so green and sunny yet you’re protected from too much sun.  That stump makes a perfect table, to boot.  However, only one chair? Is it because you prefer to be alone or it’s just the way it is?

Thank you so much.  Yes, I do love it. The seclusion is a bonus and it’s not too far from society that I become a hermit! I am hoping to add another chair.  How about you?  Will you invite me over to your place?

Yes. You should know that I have a bit of a situation going on right now.

What do you mean?

How about you come for a walk with me.  Seeing is so much easier than trying to describe it.


Oh wow!  What a fantastic view!  Riverside!  And look at that! Two chairs and such a lovely table, and a lamp! Your décor is rather eclectic too!

Why thank you!  So glad you like.  You can see, however, there is a situation…

Yeah… Think the water level will go down soon?

I sure hope so.  Think I could stay at your place until then?  I’ll bring a chair…

64 thoughts on “Home Sweet Homes – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #125

  1. “Come hell with high water” or something like that. I love the story and the photos. If it wasn’t for the levees we might have been there and done that. I measured the altitude on the bed of the Rio Grande at 5016 feet above sea level. Our house is at 5000 feet about sea level, only 1000 feet from the river bed. We used to have two very large crab apple trees that created a secluded area like your first photo. Those two trees created their own micro climate and their blossoms always survived the late frosts. It the fall, when were were sitting under those trees, we would get bombed by falling crab apples.

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  2. Cosy spots. Our house and grounds are just 7.5 m above sea level and the beach is just a quarter of an hour’s walk from our doorstep but our ground never got flooded in the last 50 years (there are no documents of the time before).
    Thanks for sharing.
    All the best. Happy Easter 🐣
    The Fab Four of Cley
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  3. Q

    If not for the friends with benefits package, I think life would be a series of gray days with little hope of sunshine, LOL. Best to be covered in the event is what I say. And when the water level rises, well . . .


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    • I’m thinking that’s a good idea – not to mention that the water would be particularly frigid right now! Glad you enjoyed my silly little tale, Jan!


    • Yeah… one thing when it’s 90 degrees out… quite another when it’s hovering around the freezing mark.
      Spring has sprung! And so of course, today, I joined friends and we went to the mountains… where there is still quite a bit of snow and muck…

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