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One of Those Perfect Moments

A random, everyday drive.  Nothing special.  Nine o’clock in the morning. On my way to the post office as I do every Thursday or so since lockdown to pick up the company mail before making my way to the office.  Only this morning, as I left the house CBC Music was playing a version of Debussy’s Claire de Lune by Janina Fialkowska.  So gorgeous.

As I drove down the street that runs along City Hall Park, I could see the two huge weeping willows (not mine that I am forever claiming) waving in the wind.  They seemed to sway in time with the music – the point in the music, about two or so minutes into it.  Perfection.  I had this feeling of peace settle over me in the most beautiful way.

I continued onto the post office but this music and that image were still with me, so before making my way to the office, I just had to stop at this park and walk along the path that winds through it,

then across the newly fallen snow so I could get the proper angle of one of the trees, still blowing in the chill morning air.

It truly is all about the simple things in life, isn’t it?



150 thoughts on “One of Those Perfect Moments

    • So glad you enjoyed, Jan. Often I’ll have a moment that I want to share then think nah… Or I’ve other stuff to do. Today I decided nope! I’m doing this! And happy I did! Yes to the simple moments.

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  1. Oh yeah, it’s great to find these little pockets of appreciation in your life. I too sometimes stop and smell the flowers (figuratively) for seemingly no reason at all, and these moments are super magical. Anyway, thanks for sharing!

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  2. Can’t agree more, Dale. Those magic moments, like the one you describe here, creep up and surprise us when we least expect them. The contrast of seasons here, with the green of the willow and the late snow in April, is beautiful. And that music! Totally atmospheric.

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    • Thank you so much Mel. I decided then and there I would share it – so often I tell myself I will and then I don’t. I am so glad I did as it has been received rather favourably! That music gets me every single time.

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  3. Oh Dale, you don’t still / again have snow, do you? I can’t even imagine….
    Those sweeping weeping willows – they MUST be the best and I will forever associate them with some of my best loved places.
    Yes, it IS about the simple things to delight us the most, WHEN and IF we allow ourselves to listen to our inner voice claiming to slow down, to take a tiny snatch of ‘me’ time, and I can absolutely be sure that it IS a life changer indeed.
    That last pic, you SEE how the fronds are slightly sweeping the air – it’s absolutely magic.

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    • Oh Kiki. They warned us… I did not wake up to it but as the day went on it just fell and fell and fell. This was the next morning. Almost all gone now (only good thing about spring snowfall is it doesn’t last!)
      Weeping willows and Clair de Lune – how can that not be evocative 🙂
      Thank you. So very glad you enjoyed 🙂

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    • What a wonderful thing to say! Thank you so much, Lori. I am really glad I did share it. I think, in the future, I shall continue to do such as the mood strikes. These prompts I do are great and all, but this is what I love best. 🧡💞

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  4. I just love those perfect moments that are so rare. Your pictures have captured it beautifully and the music would have been absolutely spot on. A perfect moment, we live for those.

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  5. Lovely! And thank you for sharing this synchronicity and flow with us.
    It is, of course, about the small moments of peace and alignment. It is also about your kindness and goodness in taking the time to include us.
    You is good! 🙂
    PS ‘my’ willow says hi to ‘your’ willows. She’s asking if they have a new leaf-conditioner, because their locks move so fluidly. 😉

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  6. The images and the music go perfectly together, Dale. And you’re so right, it’s all about the simple things. They are blessings meant to be cherished. Listening to this makes me regret not learning to play the piano. It sounds so soothing in this beautiful piece. This is why I’m such a huge fan of classical music.

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    • Oh, me too. It’s funny. I am reading this comment and the part of the music where the fronds were swaying in time just popped into my head. Methinks I have to turn it back on…
      It was so magical. Thank you, Eliene.

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  7. Q

    The world IS a simple place. It’s only made more complicated by humans and their rules, which really don’t have the kind warranty to be trusted. It’s best to take a breath, reel in that quiet moment and put one foot in front of the other. Let the trees be your guide, because they get what we never will.

    Beautifully penned respite.


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  8. Love the serendipity of this writing. Noticing how the willow’s movement matched Debussy is marvelous. Ii makes me wonder if past year has helped you slow down and notice the simpler, quieter moments the world offers.

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    • Thank you, Janet. There are times when all seem to come together just when you need them to. It might be a result of the past year or maybe I’m just at that particular place in my life where I not only pay attention… I PAY ATTENTION 🙂

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  9. How beautiful, the music and scenery seems so magical. You captured a wonderful moment and it must have been lovely to walk though the park along the path. Its so peaceful. Thank you for sharing.

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