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Why Would I?

It is Haibun Monday at dVerse and this week it is hosted by Frank J. Tassone.  It just so happens that I had plans to write about being present in the moment today.  And lo!  It is this week’s subject. How could I not tag along?

Not later than yesterday, I had an exchange with a fellow-blogger and friend.  He loves to take his morning walks accompanied by various podcasts or audio books. This is great for him because he loves to multi-task and is an avid reader with only so much time in the day.  It is great for me because he gives such wonderful book suggestions and has not steered me wrong yet, so I shan’t ask him to stop! He suggests I should try to listen to podcasts, as well.  I beg to differ, my friend. There is so much noise in our everyday lives that when I can walk in nature, I want nothing else but to be present in the moment, to fully absorb the sights and sounds she provides.  From the flowering trees to the buzzing bees, to the wind rifling through the leaves to the wonderful variation of bird calls.  Why ever would I want to tune them out?

nature’s orchestra

trills and chirps, a caw or two

silenced by earbuds

Yesterday’s raucous symphony can be heard here, my friend 🙂 Something tells me your earbuds would have been insufficient.

109 thoughts on “Why Would I?

  1. That was a very nice bird symphony. I agree. When out in nature, listen to the call of the wild. It’s a wonderful break from the blah blah blah of daily life.

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  2. I am so with you, Dale (as you know). I listen to podcasts at home and jog around inside, or on a long car ride, but when I’m walking outside, I want to hear the birds, the squirrels, and all the nature sounds.

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  3. Dear Dale,

    I love the sounds and photos. You captured it all in verse as well. I know exactly how you feel. So much natural music to listen to. Once someone at a swim shop tried to sell me an underwater walkman. Why would I want that? Part of the joy of swimming is the sound of the water. 😉 At any rate…love your post.

    Shalom and lotsa natural hugs,


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    • Dear Rochelle,

      How wonderful that you enjoyed. It was such a wild concert on Sunday that even if I did wear earbuds? I would have had to take them off. The birds would have taken over. And I understand that you find your peace in the water. How can you if something is playing in your ear?

      Shalom and lotsa natural love,


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    • Some can and that is their “in the moment”, I suspect. For me? Give me flowing rivers, birds and squirrels and even that utter silence that happens once in a while.


  4. I love the sounds of nature. I don’t listen to music or anything else when I’m out. Even while riding my Harley, I want to hear the rushing wind and see the sights untainted by blasting music that ruptures the mood. I also can sit for long extended times just observing and listening to nature. It puts me at rest and sets the world at peace.

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    • Me too, Jan. Me too. I don’t think I’d want music either, while riding a bike. And yes to sitting for extended periods of time just being with nature. So good. Refuels.

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  5. A beautiful poem, and so true. I’m getting annoyed at people who walk their dogs and have their eyes on the smartphone all the time. Why have a pet? Why go outside?
    I do love audiobooks though, having limited reading time I listen often. I listen when doing housework or other boring stuff. Or doodle in my meager artistik phases. Never when being outdoors though. Where I live, the nightingales have arrived, next to our garden falcons have a nest, all the other birds want to be listened to, too…

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    • Thank you, Gabriele. I get annoyed at those very people because on top of all that, they don’t watch where they are going! I think housecleaning is the ideal time to listen to a book or podcast! 🙂

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  6. I totally agree with nixing the podcasts. We are assailed constantly by the opinions of others. Quiet time to form our own is to be treasured.

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    • And that’s okay! I say whatever works for each of us! Of course, they were so loud, they would have disrupted whatever you were listening to 😉


  7. This is wonderful, Dale. 🙂 I agree with you. I want to listen to the conversation nature is having when I’m out in it. Those birds are amazing. The birds here have been rather noisy, too. It’s so different than what I hear at home (on the Eastern Shore).

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    • Thank you, Robin. Nature was having quite the conversation, let me tell you. They were fabulous. What a wonderful thing that you get the best of both. 🙂


  8. Q

    There is TOO much loud going on in the world, you’re right about that. Some peeps can dig on podcasts though, because it’s meditative if the content jibes with their way of looking at the world. Like listening to a magazine article or a book, there can be a sugary coating that allows them to get lost inside all that loudness. I get that.

    But nature, when it comes calling . . you almost have to abide, don’t you?


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  9. I know we’re on the same page there as I take so much inspiration and healing from my own daily walks in the trees with my dog. He does his thing while I “forest bathe” to borrow from the Japanese and our paths needs criss cross on the walk. But no matter where is start or end my day it provides me an opportunity to both clean my mind and refresh it with nee ideas and inspiration and it’s where 90% of my own writing is born and most of my food ideas professionally too. It’s where is “just”’am …

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  10. Can’t stand wearing ear buds!
    LOVE the nature sounds!
    I used to wake up to birds singing in the morning. Then they cut down the tree. Something about roots causing foundation problems. HA! Maybe the foundations of buildings around the tree were causing ROOT problems.
    Now, no birds. ⚡️💥

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    • Neither can I!
      I can’t sleep with my window open, they are so loud… My mother used to live up north and she had less birdsong than we do!
      Bummer for you with the no birds, though. Definitely building was causing root problems…. sigh. 🧚🏻🌟

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