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Finding My Face and My Place – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #129

When I saw Crispina’s photo, I knew exactly which one of mine I would matchy-matchy it with.  I had an idea brewing but couldn’t get to it until now. Of course my original idea is gone with the wind but that’s okay.  The joys of letting our muse have its way!

I have no character. There is nothing to distinguish me from another.  I’m just another faceless entity lost in the crowd, overlooked and unremarkable.

Oh, my child, you have much ahead of you. Do you think I was always this wise old crone?  I was once just like you. Uncertain and feeling that I was a never going to be special. We all are, you know.

Oh surely not you!

Surely, yes!  We all start off with the same blank canvas that life will carve and mold into what we are to become. You will see.  I already see much in you.

You do? I can’t believe I will ever become one with the earth again as you have.

Give it time.  It’s all in front of you.

Thanks to Tim for mentioning this song… It’s not but is related, isn’t it?

88 thoughts on “Finding My Face and My Place – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #129

  1. Oh how we get shaped over the years. Your piece reminds me of the song “I’m just and old chunk of coal, but I’ll be a diamond some day.” I’m chunkier that’s for sure, but if I’m morphing into a diamond, I’m still awfully rough.

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    • Do we ever! Life does that, doesn’t it? And dang! I wish I had thought of that song to add to the post.. coal and trees are not the same, but still. Remain rough, Tim, that means you are still far from the end!

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        • Yanno… as I pressed send, I realised that they were absolutely linked. Is this your way of saying add the song 😉 Coz yanno what? I’m gonna!

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          • I love it. Listening now. The song is so stereotypically Country, It’s perfect. “I’m gonna be the cotton pickin’ rage of the age!” Pure inspiration.

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          • I’m happy Tristan wanted my collection, but I don’t miss vinyl. It’s better fedility, but the digital sound is fine for my old ears these days. I had replaced most of my vinyl with CDs and now I have all those CDs plus more on the computer. I stil have a bunch of cassette tapes that I should just recycle, but there are a lot of original recordings I could recover from them. Did you ever have 8-track tapes? I had a collection of them in the 70s. 8-tracks were the worst.

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          • Oh, I agree. Vinyl is all well and good but honestly. They take up a LOT of space. I have two boxes of CDs still unopened since my move. I should upload them onto my computer and be done away with them. They are just collecting dust.
            We had them – Engelbert Humperdinck, Tom Jones, Fiddler on the Roof – I’ll never forget them!

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  2. My uncle has a sawmill and he sells rounds that he cuts off huge tree trunks. Right now he has a trunk that’s 40 inches in diameter. People buy them for all sorts of reasons, like making tables, and probably art like this!

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  3. Q

    It’s why the chip off the old what it is rarely has the confidence at first. They try and hide it with bravado but that’s pretty transparent most of the time. But others do see it, that thing, that person they will become. And then when it happens . . well, then the individual in question is already hell bent on a new set of doubts and questions! LOL.


    PS- Nicely carved 😉

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  4. Wow, Dale, I cannot say how much I love this. We are all a work in progress and you chose the perfect song to accompany it! Written by the late great Billy Joe Shaver!

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  5. Listening to the wonderful song you posted!
    Great words of wisdom in this challenge/post.
    Then again, I know you are a person of thought, and you are smart. ⚡️💥

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