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Right in the Feels

I had planned to finish writing a prosery for dVerse today. Or maybe start a poem on the colour blue, also from dVerse.  Instead, when I got home after walking home from work, I opened the mailbox (because the kids just don’t ever think of looking in that strange box beside the door) and found a card.

When I looked at the return address, I suspected I knew what it was.  What I wasn’t prepare for was my reaction to opening this card.

I had called Mon Vet Privé (My Private Vet) to come and do the necessary to make Zeke’s trip over the Rainbow Bridge a calm and stress-free one.  I will never regret that choice.  The vet, Dr. Monette, and her assistant, Daphnée, were so gentle, respectful and solicitous.

Zeke greeted them at the door and allowed them to check him over, totally trusting them.  They explained each step and it went over exactly as they said it would.  Gently.  They stepped away so we could officially say our good-byes and when we let them know we were done, they came back with a stretcher, a body bag and a blanket to cover him.  We watched them drive away, hearts heavy but knowing we had let him go with grace and dignity.

It’s never easy to say good-bye to a furry member of the family and when the time comes, you want it to be as gentle as this was.  So this card, I got?

Inside the card was a little baggie of his fur (not so sure I’ll keep that – as Iain said, it feels like something a serial killer keeps!) a print of his paw and nose…  I never, ever was expecting that.

It says:  In Memory of Zeke, from all the Team at Mon Vet Privé and the bottom says:  we offer our most sincere sympathies on the passing of Zeke.  Signed by most of the team.

I had heard some veterinary clinics sent condolence cards, but honestly? This was above and beyond I was so deeply touched, it confirmed I had made the right choice.


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  1. Our vet does a paw imprint in clay and the tuft of hair. Tristan also got the ashes from Leo’s cremation. We have enough land we bury our kitties in their favorite places on the property. But if you didn’t know you were going to get the prints and hair, I can imagine the shock. I think it’s a very nice thing for vets to do. It’s so hard to lose our furry family members.

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    • Wow. That is lovely. The tuft of fur is less so, for me. I am not one to want to keep the ashes – hell, I still don’t know what to do with Mick and his mother’s, to be honest.
      But yeah, I was surprised and touched by their gesture.

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  2. When I was younger, I thought such gestures wouldn’t mean much after losing a companion. They do however, a lot, as we want to feel that to the last second and after that too, they are with caring hearts. This is so touching and beautiful.

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  3. Dale, these people were well worthy of your trust and it’s clear they were absolutely the right ones to help you with your last act of love and kindness to your beloved Zeke, because that it was it is.

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  4. This made me tear up, so I can imagine your reaction. 😢 Hugs, I know how special Zeke was.
    They were very thoughtful and compassionate. The emergency animal hospital where we took Mickey made a paw print, and our regular veterinary office sent a card with wildflower seeds after they learned of his death.

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  5. Dear Dale,

    My screen is blurry as I type. Yes, right in the feels. I remember how touched I was when I received a condolence card from the clinic when we said goodbye to our 18 year old cat. What a personal and thoughtful thing to do. And what a lovely post.

    Shalom and lotsa comforting hugs,


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    • Dear Rochelle,

      We never got anything for Fluffy, though I had heard some vets did send cards so this was really got me. Lovely that the clinic sent you a card too.

      Shalom and lotsa heartfelt love,


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  6. Q

    That really WAS above and beyond. But as you have described these folks, I cannot say I am surprised they would do this. It’s what animal lovers are all about, they truly understand that connection.

    Blessings, peace and love


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  7. You did the right thing. Because you did it for Zeke. The hardest part about sharing your life with a furball is knowing that you will have to make hard decisions, uncomfortable decisions. But you did it with grace. I weep as I remember the passing of my cats. One was able to die in my arms with a vet in the other room. Zeke will always live in your heart but he’s also waiting for you on the other side.

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    • Thank you, Pam. I really believe I did. It is the hardest thing. We get them, love them and are guaranteed (mostly) to outlive them. He will always have a chunk of my heart. I’m sure he went running to Mick as soon as he arrived. 🙂

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  8. They definitely went above and beyond to add a special memory of Zeke. I know it had to be emotional. Condolences once again Dale.

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  9. My sympathies, Dale. Shedding a few tears for you, as I know what an empty space these beloved pets leave.
    We received a card like that for Panda & Tuffy, with their paw prints. Panda was very old and failing fast, so it wasn’t as hard; I still tear up whenever I think of Tuffy.

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    • Thank you, Christine. They so do. I still look for him as soon as I walk in.
      How sweet of your vet as well. Yes, when they are falling apart, it is a tad easier to ease them from it.


  10. I am so sorry Dale. Zeke was such a handsome fellow. Nice though that he was at home in familiar surroundings. A lovely thought, though not sure about the fur either. We received a card from our vet too, which was unexpected, but so very kind. They had been so good and allowed us to stay with Maggie, then gave us all the time we needed to say our goodbyes. We didn’t want her ashes as there was nowhere special here to scatter them, and I didn’t want to bury her in the garden in case we moved knowing I couldn’t leave her behind. We miss her terribly as I’m sure you do Zeke. It’s not easy, but we love our pets and want to do the best for them.

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  11. That kindness brought tears to my eyes. When Sam passed, I snip some of his hair and put it in a clear ornament. He loved posing in front of the tree during the holidays and this will remind me of those tender shared times.

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  12. That truly is touching, so caring and thoughtful, and it wasn’t something easily done in a moment. Something to be treasured. Thanks for sharing. It shows a better side of humans

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  13. Your title is spot on. This certainly brought up the feels. What a beautiful thing to do (although I’m not sure about the fur, either, but I can see how that might appeal to some).

    Hugs, Dale, and I’m so sorry for your loss.

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